Best Table Tennis Conversion Top Reviews – Instant Ping Pong Table Top

So you love playing on game tables and recently bought a pool table or maybe a foosball table. But now you want a ping pong table too. So what are you going to do? Turn your house into a GameZone? No, of course not! Go get yourself a Table Tennis Conversion Top, fella!

Investing in game tables demands a lot of money and of course, an enormous amount of space as well. At, we truly understand that. However, we want you to have all the fun in the world without worrying about space, expense, and other irrelevant phenomena.

In fact, investing in a table tennis conversion top is going to save you a great deal of money and space that may get wasted by investing in a lot of game tables that you are obviously not going to use simultaneously.

Our Top Picks – At a Glance

Here are our favorite products that made it to the top. We have specially categorized these products based on their price range for more convenience.


Best Budget Ping Pong Table Top

Joola 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top

Joola 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top: You don’t often get to see a great product from Joola at a bargained price. However, this Tetra table conversion top comes with a great price tag and superb functionality as well. To reduce the weight of the table and make it more portable, the brand has reduced the density to 12mm. The product is not that heavy-duty but it surely allows you to carry the fun everywhere weighing just about 85 pounds.

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top Overall

Joola Conversion Table Tennis Top

Joola Conversion Table Tennis Top: This is a full-size Joola conversion top that is made with 15mm MDF sheet. The tabletop provides a great bounce that will give you the same feeling as playing on a professional ping pong table. The table sets easily on any pool table or other conventional game tables. And prevent them from scratches, the whole bottom of the Joola Table Conversion Top is padded with foam. With great customer feedback and Joola reliability, this is a worthy investment.

Best Premium Table Tennis Coversion Top

PureX Table Tennis Conversion Top

PureX Table Tennis Conversion Top: A great customer feedback shows how great of a brand you are looking at. PureX may not be as renowned as Joola comparatively. However, the brand has surely made a space in the premium segment with its high-quality product. It comes with an elegant black color with a striking scratchproof finish. Being made from the best of the materials the product is a little bulky. However, they do make for it with their 1-year warranty and some free goodies!

What is a Ping Pong Table Top?

A ping pong table top is just like a ping pong table. It has everything that a conventional ping pong table has, except for the legs! Hence, the whole thing comes with a tabletop only and no legs.

These tabletops are specially designed to fit on other conventional game tables such as pool or foosball tables. However, you can also find Table Tennis Conversion Tops that can lie on any flat surface. You can even lay them over your dining table!

The basic idea behind these table conversion tops is that most of the conventional game tables come with a tabletop and legs, where things apart from the tabletop do not play any role in the playability of the game. Of course, there are exceptions like pool tables that have certain mechanisms.

However, on the other hand, ping pong tables do not have any functionalities in their legs. All that matters is the tabletop, and the net and the game can be enjoyed the way it is supposed to be. Omitting the legs, the certain cost could be saved and it would help you to play two games using one table as well. And it would save you some space as well.

Based on these facts ping pong table tops were evolved. These tabletops are just the same as the standard sized ping pong tables. Except for one thing that is legs; they do not come with legs. You can enjoy the game of ping pong on these tables with the same feeling that you get on a ping pong table.

Also, these Ping Pong Table Conversion Tops come with the only disadvantage that is, you cannot use these for professional gameplay for obvious reasons. However, for some recreational fun, these are the best!

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top Reviews

Let us start with the unbiased, in-depth reviews of notable products on the market.

#1. PureX Table Tennis Conversion Top

PureX Table Tennis Conversion Top

PureX Table Conversion Tops are the best on the market with a great build quality and positive customer feedback. Though the price is quite premium, the product is pretty much worth it.

The looks of this ping pong table top are extraordinary. The whole playing area is painted in black with a scratch resistant surface. In a nutshell, along with the price tag, the looks are premium too!

The product weighs about 115 lbs which is quite a lot and is evidence of the high-quality material. The thickness of the tabletop is 15mm which is not professional grade but not bad at all. Also, the size of this tabletop is 60in x 108in, the same as any standard size ping pong table.

Moving on, this tabletop ping pong table is easy to mount over pool tables. And to make sure that the pool table does not get scratched, there is padding on the whole bottom of the tabletop ping pong table.

Overall, everything about this tabletop screams PREMIUM, they even offer a 1-year warranty over this product! And that is why it is our favorite table among all in terms of quality and convenience. Lastly, you get two ping pong paddles, balls free with this product; a perfect package! Hence, this is one of the best Table Tennis Conversion Top for sure.


  • Superb black finish with a scratchproof surface.
  • Comes with padding below the surface to prevent pool table from getting scratched.
  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Table Tennis Conversion Top thickness is 15mm.
  • Amazing customer feedback.
  • Free goodies.


  • It’s a high-cost product.
  • A little heavy.

#2. Harvil Ping Pong Table Conversion Top

Harvil Ping Pong Table Conversion Top

Harvil Table Tennis Conversion Top is one of the best sellers and that is for a reason. They offer impeccable standard unlike anyone else.

This Ping Pong Table Conversion Top comes in ocean blue color with white rubber strips which looks pretty stylish. There is a Harvil logo in the middle of the table. Overall, you won’t find anything to complain about in the design.

The striking feature about this product is that it is simple. It is simple and easy to use. All you’ve got to do is put the tabletop over a pool or billiards table and you’re done. You won’t even have to worry about possible scratches as this table tennis conversion top comes with 8 Eva Foam below. These Eva foam keep surfaces of both the tabletops separate and prevents scratches.

Once you set the tabletop, all you need to do is put the net on using easy metal clamps. The design ensures that these clamps do not harm your pool table.

The size and weight of the tabletop are the same as any other ping pong table tops. It comes with standard ping pong table dimensions and 101.38-pound weight. Harvil is a USA based brand and they ensure that the product you get is made from highest-quality materials.

Overall, this Harvil Table Tennis Conversion Top stands true to Harvil’s reputation of delivering quality sports equipment. And with that price tag, it’s a steal deal!


  • Decent looks with edge bending.
  • Produces proper bounce off the surface.
  • Comes with a 90-day Dazadi warranty.
  • Made with premium materials.
  • Amazing customer feedback.
  • Has 8 Eva foam below the surface to prevent pool table from getting scratched.
  • Easy to use.


  • A little heavy.
  • Both the halves are not connected.

#3. Joola Conversion Table Tennis Top

Joola Conversion Table Tennis Top

Joola is an industry leader in ping pong equipment manufacturing. Joola equipment is used by all USA ping pong championships for quite a while now. They represent the highest quality and reliability when it comes to ping pong. This Table Tennis Conversion Top from Joola is one such product too. Let us get into details.

First of all, this tabletop comes in 2 pieces. Both the halves are to be set on a billiard or pool table which converts these tables into standard size ping pong tables. Overall, the weight of the product is about 115 lbs, which isn’t surprising as it comes with a 15mm thickness.

The surface is made of 15mm thick MDF layer. It produces the exact bounce that a professional ping pong table does so that you get all the fun of playing on a real ping pong table.

One of the biggest concern of many customers is about the assurance that the tabletop won’t scratch or damage their pool table. And to ensure that, this Joola Ping Pong Table Top comes with a fully padded bottom. The bottom surface is covered in foam padding that prevents any scratches from taking place.

Overall, Joola is a great and trustworthy brand. It’s our guarantee that you are not going to be disappointed buying a Joola Table Tennis Table Top.


  • Full-sized ping pong tabletop.
  • Comes with a decent bouncy surface and a firm build.
  • The padded bottom saves the pool table from getting scratched while the net clamps stay outside the surface of the bottom table.
  • Decent price for a quality product.
  • 15mm thick MDF surface.


  • Both the halve are not connected with any mechanism.

#4. Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Table Tennis Top for Pool Table

Just like the killer brand name, this table tennis conversion top comes with premium build and features. In fact, the manufacturer has used 0.75 inches thick tabletop which is superior to all those tables with 15mm MDF surface and produces a great bounce. Along with the quality playing surface, there is a lot that Martin Kilpatrick has to offer.

Another fine and unique thing about this tabletop is that it comes with hinges in the middle that connects two halves. Most of the tabletops come with two separate pieces that are not connected with by any means and hence can be knocked off if bumped into while playing which causes disruption.

Besides being an excellent product, there are some drawbacks of this ping pong tabletop too such as the middle part of the table tennis top is not supported using a foam piece which can lead to minor warping as it gets older. Though the table conversion top is pretty thick, it is likely to happen due to excessive forces.

The product comes with a pair of ping pong paddles and 3 ping pong balls free along with the tabletop. Also, it has a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

All in all, Martin Killpatrick tabletop is indeed Killer!


  • Superior 3/4 inch tabletop with great bounce.
  • 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Both the halves are connected using heavy-duty hinges.
  • Looks pretty standard.
  • Comes with free ping pong paddles and balls.


  • Needs to have some support in the middle area.

#5. Happy Fun Balls Outdoor Ping Pong Table Top

Happy Fun Balls Outdoor Ping Pong Table Top

Anyone who is looking for an outdoor ping pong table on the market, here is your one and only answer and that is Happy Fun Balls Outdoor Table Tennis Conversion Top!

First, do not get your hopes too high as the manufacturer says that it is waterproof, though the reality is a little different. The tabletop can be carried anywhere in the outdoor environment, true. But we highly doubt if it is waterproof and can survive moisture. Also, the tabletop is pretty heavy to be carried around!

Besides those, this ping pong table conversion top can work fine in an indoor environment and does have some unique features like magnetic halves connector. To make sure that the halves stay at their place there is a magnetic line on the edges of both the halves that connect the tabletop together.

It comes with plastic pieces that you can place between the tabletop and the pool table to make it lift and to save the pool table from scratches little foam pieces are provided as well. To make sure that everything levels up, there are extra pieces of foam too!

Happy Fun Balls Outdoor Ping Pong Table Top comes with free goodies including 2 pairs of paddles, balls, and a carry bag. This is among the few tabletops that provide more than a pair of paddles. Also, it is nice that you can enjoy a two-vs-two without having to spend after another pair of paddles.

The tabletop arrives in 3 pieces. Perhaps it is to increase the convenience of the customer for portability or maybe for logistics purpose. Anyways, we did not see any problem with it coming in 3 pieces. Also, with a little manpower, it can indeed be portable because of the reduced size of each piece.

All in all, it is an investible product. Though we doubt the brand convenience and customer service.


  • Comes in 3 pieces for portability.
  • Extra pieces of foam to prevent scratching and keep it in level.
  • Plastic pieces to elevate above the pool table holes.
  • Magnetic connector keeps the pieces together.
  • Free 2 pair of ping pong paddles, balls, and a carry bag.


  • Customer complaints about arriving in a pathetic packaging.
  • Not waterproof.

#6. Joola 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top

Joola 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top

When it comes to ping pong conversion tops, they are pretty tough to move around mostly because of their bulky weight and wide dimensions. This obviously needs to be settled once and for all.

Joola has made it possible to reduce the size of the Table Tennis Conversion Top by introducing a 4-piece tetra series. The tabletop comes in 2 pieces just like of most of the ping pong table conversion tops on the market. However, the major difference here is that both these halves can fold themselves in another half! This is made possible by introducing a hinge in the middle of each half, genius!

Due to the reduced size function, this tabletop is portable. You can easily carry it in your car to outdoors, though make sure not to get it in contact with moisture. Also, this allows for convenient and compact storage as well.

Another striking thing about this table tennis conversion top is that it weighs only 85 lbs! This is a huge thing as most of the tabletops in the market weight more than 100 pound. However, this can be due to the fact that it is not a 15mm but a 12mm ping pong table top.

Just like any decent product would, it comes with foam pads below the surface to prevent pool table from scratching.

All in all, we loved this product due to the fact that it comes with a unique approach to make a tabletop actually portable. And the Joola brand name speaks for itself!


  • Unique 4-piece tabletop.
  • Saves storage space.
  • Light weight and reduced size make the whole thing portable.


  • 12mm thickness is a little low than the products that we have already reviewed in this article.
  • Table protector and net are flimsy.
  • No free goodies.

#7. Viper Portable Ping Pong Table Top

Joola 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top

As we just looked at a ping pong pool table topper that has separate foldable halves, here is another brilliant product that allows you folding the ping pong table multiple times, and to be precise 3 times.

This trifold table tennis conversion top has sturdy hinges in the two sections of the tabletop so that the whole table can be folded in a 1/3rd of the space. This is a clever solution to avoid handling 2 separate halves, which is full of hassle.

The dimensions of the table are 84” L x 42” W x 1/4″ H, which is less than a standard-sized table. So if you are looking for standard dimensions, this one is not for you.

Along with the reduced dimensions, the product weighs under 40 lbs, which is pretty low for a table tennis conversion top. If you are thinking that they may have used cheap material, this one is made from MDF, the same material that other ping pong tabletops use, though we do not deny that it may be a little slimmer than those products to save these many pounds.

On the bottom of the table, you can find the game boards for chess, checkers, or even backgammon. You can set it up on any surface like the dining table, kitchen aisle, pool table etc. So it is multipurpose as well. Also, you get a pair of ping pong paddles and balls free with this tabletop.

The biggest benefit of this table is the portability. You can surely carry it to places in the sturdy carry bag the brand provides. However, keep in mind that this is a recreational product and is not meant for professional play. Besides, it is pretty then as well compared to other table tennis conversion tables on the market to reduce weight.

If you do not mind sacrificing a little bit of quality for the portability, this pool table ping pong top is just for you!


  • Folds in 1/3rd and saves a lot of space.
  • Weighs below 40 lbs.
  • Perfect for portability because of the compact size and lightweight.
  • Budget-priced.
  • Comes with a couple of other game boards on the bottom.
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces.
  • Great for recreational fun.


  • Not a standard-sized ping pong pool table top.
  • Cannot expect the same bounce and delivery from this table due to lack of thickness.

#8. Funmall Table Tennis Top for Pool Table

Funmall Table Tennis Top for Pool Table

This is a standard 15mm high-density fiberboard Table Tennis Conversion Top from Funmall. It is pretty standard in shape and size except for the fact that it can be folded in a 1/4th part of the whole table itself. The table comes with 4 piece design. Two disconnected halves comprise two separate fiberboards connected with industrial level hinges.

This compact folding mechanism makes the Funmall Table Tennis Conversion Top easily fit inside a car or store in your garage. It can easily set up on an outdoor picnic table as well.

There is foam on the bottom of the ping pong table that prevents the pool table from getting scratched and keeps it the way it is.

Though the price is just fine and the folding mechanism is decent, there is nothing promising or exceptional about this product that made us go wow. Therefore, in our opinion, better go for Joola, Harvil, or some other brand that we have already mentioned in this review.


  • Folds into 1/4th.
  • Portable due to compactness.
  • 15mm thick high-density fiberboard gives decent bounce.
  • Foam padding to save pool table from scratches.


  • Flimsy net
  • Cannot be exposed to sun or moisture.

Buyer’s Guide

If you have planned on purchasing a table tennis conversion top yet are not sure how to choose one, worry no more! Here we are with our thoroughly detailed Buyer’s Guide that will help you to choose the ping pong cover for the pool table that is just perfect for you.

How to Choose a Ping Pong Table Top?

Choosing a table tennis conversion top doesn’t mean buying the best product off the market. It is a little more about you than it is about the product. Therefore, here are the factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a ping pong tabletop. Make sure to examine each thoroughly and we are sure that you’ll find the right product for yourself.

The Density

Both the ping pong tables and Ping Pong tabletops are made of MDF that is medium density fiberboard. This fiberboard is responsible for producing that perfect bounce and ping pong sound that everyone anticipates.

The density of this Table Tennis Top for Pool Table can vary according to the standards set by the manufacturer. Make sure to not to go for a tabletop that has a density less than 15mm. You may go down up to 12mm if it increases portability. But going below that means that you are going to lose a lot of bounce from the table tennis conversion top and will end up with a tabletop that works the same as a piece of wood.


A table tennis tabletop is a great alternative for a ping pong table if you already have a game table. Being a little compact than the whole ping pong table itself also implies that you are going to get some portability. However, there are manufacturers that are still sticking with the two halves concept which is totally failing in terms of portability as it won’t even fit in a regular sedan.

There are tables on the market that come with unique designs such as 3-fold or 4-fold ones. This is a brilliant idea as it allows the table top to get folded among itself with the help of hinges that are located at the bottom. This significant reduction in size while packing up the table tennis conversion top makes the table 1/3rd or 1/4th to its original size and allows you to easily carry with yourself to a picnic or other social gathering.


Now weight is a significant specification that can affect your choice of table tennis tabletop. But to your disappointment, there is nothing much you can do in this department as most of the MDF boards weigh a little too much. And in order to reduce the weight, you’ll have to go for a tabletop with lower density, which will also reduce the quality of bounce significantly.

So rather than paying attention to the weight, you must look at the quality of the bounce you are going to get. But if you are looking for simple recreational fun and want your Table Tennis Conversion Top to be extremely portable, you may choose one with less thickness and weight.


Most of the ping pong tops come with the standard dimensions that a ping pong table comes with. However, there are manufacturers that provide tables with reduced dimensions to increase the portability. So if you want more portability, choose something that folds up into a compact unit.

Foam Padding

A pool table is a premium product and ruining this premium investment of yours is the last thing you want. While table tennis conversion tops are great products, they often hurt the pool table surface while putting on or off. And to save the pool tables from such misery, the top table manufacturers add foam pads under their products. These foam pads prevent the scratches during transit.

So these were our top aspects to take a look at while investing in a ping pong tabletop. Make sure to satisfy them all according to your need and I’m pretty sure that you will be able to find the perfect gaming companion for yourself.

The EndNote

A Table Tennis Conversion Top is a great alternative to the traditional ping pong table if you already own a pool or similar game table. They are cost-effective, portable, and space-saver. A Ping Pong Tabletop can be a great addition to your game room if you don’t have much space to allot.

So do get yourself a table conversion top and have the fun of multiple games without having your wife or mom complaining about a lot of those 4 legs lying around!

If you’ve got any query, comment in the given section below. I’ll make sure to answer them all.