Stiga Ping Pong Table Review – Best Stiga Indoor & Outdoor Tables

Being in the market since 1944, Stiga is undoubtedly a leader in the ping pong table industry. Stiga tables promise you of best quality and reliability. Today, we are going to review the best of these Stiga tables and let you know whether the Stiga Ping Pong Table you are looking for is worth it or not!

Our Favorite Stiga Ping Pong Table – At a Glance

Best Cheap-Portable Table

Best Stiga Cheap Portable Ping Pong Table STIGA Space Saver

STIGA Space Saver: This is a great product from Stiga that can be set-up in your apartment in a matter of minutes and can be folded down and hidden under your bed easily. The tabletop is made with top-notch quality and can be transported easily along with you. All in all, it is the perfect product for some family-fun every now and then.

Best Stiga Indoor Ping Pong Table

Best Stiga Indoor Ping Pong Table STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage: The most amazing feature about this Stiga Ping Pong Table is its tabletop, which is made from top-quality wood that offers adequate and even-bounce all over the surface. The table has a safety latch for added protection, folds for storage, and allows for playback. A great pick for a regular player.

Best Stiga Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Best Stiga Outdoor Ping Pong Table STIGA XTR

STIGA XTR: Stiga XTR is an outdoor ping pong table. It comes with a unique aluminum composite tabletop that is water, sun, and almost all-weatherproof. Also, the tabletop produces the perfect bounce despite aluminum material. It can be folded, transported, and stabilized. Overall, this is a great table with the ultimate aesthetic feeling and superb functionality.

Stiga Ping Pong Table Review

Here are the finest Stiga ping pong tables thoroughly reviewed by our experts.

#1. STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Ping Pong Table

Best Stiga Indoor Ping Pong Table STIGA Advantage

Stiga Advantage is the most appreciated ping pong table in the market until now. The customer domain seems to be pretty happy with the quality and performance of the table.

Competition-Ready Stiga Ping Pong Table

Stiga advantage is a true Competition-Ready ping pong table. It comes with a striking blue colored tabletop. The thickness of the table is 5/8 inches, which is pretty decent to have some professional gameplay.

It also comes with a 72″ high-grade net, which will you last for pretty long. It comes with a clamp-style design to adjust the position of the net.

Wheels with Casters

There are 4 wheels on each of the halves of the Stiga Ping Pong Table which help you to move the table easily. Also, there are casters so that you can position the table and stop it from getting away!

Separate Halves with Safety Latch

Both the halves of the table work independently. You can utilize them your way. Also, another great thing is that you can vertically lock one of the halves to create a playback mode and have a fine practice session while being alone.

Moreover, there are safety latches on both halves of the table so that they do not fall down accidentally after being stored in a vertical position.

Proper Bounce

The 5/8″ thick tabletop of this Stiga Ping Pong Table provides an ample amount of bounce. Also, the ball bounces evenly at each point on the table.

Self-Opening Legs

The table has been designed pretty well. The legs of the table fall out as soon as you open up the table.

Also, there are special levelers at the bottom of the table. These levelers help you to adjust your table in case of the surface is a little crooked or unlevelled.

Easy Assembly

This Stiga Ping Pong Table comes 95% pre-assembled. The later assembly is pretty easy and you can certainly do it by your self at home.

Our Verdict

This Stiga Ping Pong Table has been on top of the market for quite a while. The customer feedback is overwhelmingly great.

It is a professional quality ping pong table that comes at a much cheaper rate than some of the highly promoted products and delivers all the goodies any ping-pong player needs. It is one of the best options if you are looking for a good investment.

  • Justified price tag.
  • Separate halves for playback action.
  • Compact for storage.
  • Wheels with casters.
  • Tournament-level quality.
  • Added safety with locking latch.
  • High quality built.
  • Perfect bounce off the tabletop.
  • Medium-level thickness of the tabletop.
  • Ill-defined user manual.

#2. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Best Stiga Outdoor Ping Pong Table STIGA XTR

The game of ping pong was developed as an indoor sport. However, during the past few years,  due to increasing popularity, people have started preferring the game to be played in the outdoor ambiance as well.

Stiga Vapor is a superbly designed outdoor ping pong table and is designed for rugged outdoor use!

Aluminium Plastic Tabletop

As wood can obviously not endure the splashes of weather, this Stiga Ping Pong Table has been made from aluminum plastic. It is tough and waterproof to endure harsh water pours during rains.

The surface looks elegant and provides a pretty decent bounce despite not being wooden.

This material is rust resistant and prevents warping due to sun rays as well.

10-minute Assembly

The table can be assembled within 10 or maximum 15 minutes after being stored.

This is due to the separate ping pong halves that can be made storage compatible easily. Also, you can make one of the halves vertical for some playback action.


Outdoor surfaces like lawns or yards are often not totally leveled, which makes your table position awkwardly on the ground. To prevent such a thing, there are levelers at the end of each leg of the table.

These levelers allow you to level the leg up to 30mm.

Trolley Wheels

The wheels of this Stiga Ping Pong Table are the only weakness of this product. The wheels are of 0.75  inches. If the wheels were a little bigger, moving the table across surfaces like grass or ground could have been easier.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Stiga Ping Pong Table is cost-effective and does give a great outdoor gaming experience. Though there are some ups and downs but all in all, it is very much worth it.

  • Waterproof, sunproof, and ultimately weatherproof.
  • 10-minute assembly.
  • Aluminum plastic made tabletop produces great quality bounce and feel.
  • Levelers make it possible to stabilize the table.
  • Provides compact storage facility with automatic pulling out legs.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Small wheels make it awkward to transport the table.

#3. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

Best Cheap Portable Stiga Ping Pong Table STIGA Space Saver

A lot of people find it difficult to invest in a full-fledged ping pong table for their home despite having the willingness to do so. Some of the common issues are not having enough place to accommodate an enormous table tennis table.

Also, sometimes people want to get a ping pong table for their children or just recreational purpose and they do not find it feasible to invest in a table that takes too much place and does not easily transport.

So good news! This Stiga Ping Pong Table is a space saver. It is a medium-sized ping pong table that can be folded, fitted, and taken anywhere!

Convenient Folding

Stiga Ping Pong Table comes with two separate halves that act as independent tables. Both the halves come with foldable legs. These legs go all the way beneath the table that creates a compact storage unit. You can easily store them below your bed or any narrow place.

Another great thing is that unlike big tables, you can just fold them up and use them in any room of your house. You do not have to allot a separate room for a ping pong table.

Standard Height

The size of the table is obviously smaller than the usual ones. However, this table comes with the same standard height as the regular ones which gives you the perfect ping pong feeling.

Great Surface

All the Stiga ping pong tables come with a great table top. This one comes with a 5/8” MDF Tabletop which offers the same amazing bounce as the other regular tables. So you’ll get the same fun as playing on a regular one or maybe even more!

1.25” Steel Legs

The Stiga Ping Pong Table comes with steel legs that have a decent 1.25″ thickness. Unlike the regular table tennis tables, this one does not come with painted or powder-coated legs perhaps for the cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, there are paddings at the bottom of each leg. These paddings make sure to not to scratch the surface of your floor. These come with levelers too. These levelers are used when the ground surface is not totally flat. They can be extended up to 30mm to ensure that the table is stable and you can enjoy a perfect game.

Custom Net

This Stiga comes with a heavy-duty net with post set. The net can be fitted using the string attachment.

Our Verdict

For everyone who is looking for a cheap, reliable, and space-saving Stiga Ping Pong table, this is the one!

  • Conveniently fonds and fits into small places.
  • Standard-quality surface finish.
  • Easily movable and transportable.
  • Convenient price.
  • Levelers at the bottom.
  • Great for apartments and small houses.
  • Same standard height as normal ping pong tables.
  • Reliable build from Stiga.
  • Both halves can work as independent tables for card or board gamenights.
  • The net is pretty filmsy.

The EndNote

So here were the reviews of 3 best Stiga Ping Pong Tables for catagories indoor, outdoor, and compact. Needless to say that Stiga products are pretty reliable and work efficiently. You can choose a Stiga for yourself without worrying a bit.

If you have any query regarding the products mentioned here, do comment in the below section. We’ll make sure to get back to you on time.