ESPN Ping Pong Table Review – 2-Piece Table With a Justified Price Tag

In the world full of Joola’s and Stiga’s some great products from less popular brands often get underrated. Today we are going to take a look at a pretty fine yet a little undervalued ESPN Ping Pong Table.

ESPN is a great brand that makes superior quality game tables such as foosball tables, poker tables, air hockey tables, and of course, ping pong tables. ESPN game tables offer professional quality at a justified rate.

While the brand does not have much ping pong products in its sack, let us begin with its tournament-level 2-piece ping pong table.

ESPN Ping Pong Table Review

ESPN Ping Pong Table Review

Justified Price Tag

I know, it is totally unorthodox to discuss a product’s price beforehand. However, I believe it is inevitable in this case as this ESPN ping pong table comes with all those standard ping pong features that you see in a tournament table. It is straightforward in that manner. There is no fancy or funky stuff related to this one.

The biggest thing about this table tennis table is that it offers all top-notch quality stuff at a pretty decent and justified price. So you can take off your hand from over your pocket as you are not going to get looted, promise!

3/4″ Tabletop

The thickness of the tabletop defines the amount of bounce you will get while playing. Most tables come with a variety of tabletop thickness options such as 15mm, 18mm, or 25mm.

However, this ESPN ping pong table comes with a single tabletop thickness option and that is 3/4″ which is a professional quality thickness. You do not have to wonder whether to go for a cheap but flimsy or sturdy and looting ping pong table. You just have to choose one and that is pocket and investment-friendly table tennis table.

Tournament Sized Table

The dimensions of the table are 108″L x 60″W x 30″H which is the same as the tournament tables. Moreover, the product weighs over 200 pounds. Now, this excessive weight can be considered a downside but it defines the superior quality of material that has been used in making of this ping pong table.

Oversized Aprons

Another important that one should consider while purchasing a ping pong table is the size of the aprons. The aprons are the thick framing you see beneath the table that often comes with some branding. However, the principal purpose of these aprons is not to advertise the brand but to support your table!

These aprons create a frame-like structure that keeps your table from getting warped and saves the tabletop from any damage because of impacts. So in a single sentence, the bigger the size of apron the better the quality of your product.

Many brands often do not mention the size of aprons on their packaging as a part of their ill-intent. But keep in mind that the size of aprons is as important as the thickness of tabletop for the longevity of your table.

ESPN ping pong table offers a table with 1-4/5″ aprons that will help your table to last long, pretty long.

3-inch Lockable Casters

The ping pong table comes with casters on each half. These casters help you to move the table around the house effortlessly regardless of whether you’re with your buddy or alone.

The size of the casters is 3″, which is pretty decent for indoor moving. Also, all the casters come with locking system. You can lock the casters to immobilize the table and keep it from moving because of accidental physical force.

Easy Fold-Up

Both the halves work separately and can be folded up. The folding mechanism is superb and the legs go inside effortlessly. You can even fold one of the halves and create an effortless playback surface.

Another thing unique feature about this product is that it does not come with separate halves. Instead, you get a single table that contains halves that operate independently. So you just have to fold both the halves together in a single unit for compact storage or transportation.

High-quality Matching Net

One of the best thing about this ESPN ping pong table is its looks. The table is painted in dark colors that will absolutely compliment your house. This all-dark table with a pinch of white colors and effortless branding of ESPN here and there gives the table a premium look.

Along with that, the table comes with a ping pong net which is equally sturdy and eye-pleasing. It can be set up using the posts provided and in our test, turned out pretty sturdy along with its clamps.

The EndNote

ESPN is a great sports brand that you can trust without much pondering. This ESPN ping pong table has been designed by the experts at ESPN, which also explains its superior quality.

All in all, we’d say this table tennis table is pretty investible and one can go for it.

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