Smartpong Table Tennis Robot Review – Fully Automatic Ping Pong Robot

Are you a lazy snob but still want to improve your table tennis skills? Buying a Table Tennis Robot can be a great idea. But the routine of gathering all the balls and putting them back inside the robot can be bothersome. No one wants to do that, right? But worry no more! Because I have come up with the ultimate fully automatic Ping Pong Robot just for you. Check out Smartpong Table Tennis Robot review and choose the best for you.

All the robots available in the market work just fine but they do not have a system that allows you to practice non-stop. Most of them don’t even provide with a ball catching net so you have to dance around the house and gather up all the balls one by one every single time.

But with Smartpong Table Tennis Robot, all your worries will be gone in a second. Check out how.

Smartpong Table Tennis Robot Review

Smartpong Table Tennis Robot Review

Let us first see how the Smartpong actually works and then move on to its features, pros & cons, and our verdict.

How Smartpong Works?

Smartpong is the ultimate next-gen technology in the direction of fully automatic Ping Pong Robots. It has this great method so that you do not have to waste your time after collecting the balls.

First of all the machine comes with a ball catching net. It covers the major section of the opposite edge of the table and covers a certain area of the sides as well. So whenever you strike the ball, it does not fly away outside the table.

There is a little gap between the edge of the table and the ball catching net. Here, all the balls are gathered up.

Now the ball collector comes in the picture. The task of the ball collector is to collect and sequence all the balls in a tube-like path at the bottom of the robot.

And from here, the Smartpong Table Tennis Robot picks up the ball and shoots it to you. And that is how the cycle continues.

Although it is true that the ball will not fall on the desired ball line-up gap all the time and may stay on the table only, you can easily wipe them away manually. It is not bothersome at all compared to dancing around the room, trust me.

What About Technology Used?

The Smartpong Table Tennis Robot comes with an LCD equipped remote control. The screen makes it pretty easy to handle various functions.

You can use the robot in 4 different playing modes. The first one is the Automatic Mode, choosing it you will be given a drill with pre-defined factory shots. The machine will shoot according to what is already defined.

If you are willing to practice a certain shot, you can use the manual mode. Here you will be able to define the ball trajectory, speed, spin, frequency, and location. It is an ultimate way to master a certain shot or improve your weak zone.

The next one is the memory cycle mode. Here you will be able to manually define the shot specifications. However, here you are allowed to make a sequence of up to 9 balls. So you will be able to make a perfect drill for yourself.

Now the last one is the manual swing mode. Here the Ping Pong Robot will throw the ball in two different directions to train you effectively.

Making use of all these functions, you will surely be able to level up your game.

Features of Smartpong Table Tennis Robot

As we already talked about the ball shooting specifications of the Smartpong robot, i.e trajectory, speed, spin, frequency, location and some other features such as automatic ball recycling and the wireless LCD remote, let us take a look at some other features of this Smartpong Table Tennis Robot.

Spin Type

This table tennis machine can make the ball spin in topspin, backspin, and sidespin. Though it is equipped with a single head which makes it both spin and shoot. So there is definitely some spin but you will not be able to get that much spin.

Automatic Power Switching

The Ping Pong Robot comes with a built-in power switching system. It makes it adaptable to work anywhere in the world. Whatever power it will get connected to, it will automatically switch it to its functional power range.

Auto Timer

Smartpong Table Tennis Robot comes with an auto timer that will shut down the machine after a period of time and that is 15 minutes. For some people, this may be useful and for some, it may not. However, I do not find this feature useful at all. What is the point of a timer if you are always there to turn off the machine whenever you need to, by yourself.

Low Noise

Most of the low-range robots in the market make a lot of noise. Such noise is distracting and does not let you focus on your game. But this table tennis robot comes with a low noise feature and does its work in utmost silence so that you can enjoy the training completely.

No Heat Generation

With most of the table tennis training robots, you have to make sure to not to have an extended playing session or else the robot will get heated up and its life will be reduced. But with Smartpong Table Tennis Robot, you do not have to worry much. Just practice as much as you want, the machine will not produce heat and will work along with you.

Free Balls

Well, this may sound ridiculous. But it is the utmost truth. Most of the Ping Pong Robots in the market do not come with balls no matter how high the cost is and you have to separately purchase both the things losing some more money.

But the guys at Smartpong are nice and they give 100 ping pong balls free with the robot. That is indeed generous.

Along with 100 ping pong balls, the package comes with a robot, instruction manual, remote control, and instructional DVD.

Who Is It For?

If you are unsure whether you should buy this product or not, let us tell you who should buy this product.

Smartpong Table Tennis Robot is suitable for both home users and avid players. So if you are a stay at home type of player who enjoys a ping pong game or two occasionally, this may be the perfect ping pong companion for you. And if you are an avid player who trains hard every day, this ping pong robot will help you to take your training to another level. You will also be able to train at any time of the day you want to.

Also, Smartpong robot is great for kids and seniors because kids find it really boring to pick up the ping pong balls scattered in a room and for seniors it is tiresome. So if you have kids or elder at home, this may be the right ping pong machine for them. And do not forget that besides the fully automatic function this table tennis robot has some amazing drills too.

The EndNote

Concluding this review of Smartpong Table Tennis Robot, it is an amazing product worth every penny spent. It is great for some rigorous training and fun for kids or elders without doing the dirty work of picking up balls.

If you have any query regarding this product, ask through the comment section below. We’ll be psyched to help you out.