iPong V300 Review of 2019 – The Budget Ping Pong Robot

While looking for a reliable yet convenient Ping Pong Robot on the market I bumped into this iPong V300. Today, I’ll be talking about what I’ve liked and disliked about this Ping Pong Trainer so far.

If you are a Ping Pong Amateur or Intermediate and willing to improve your game then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m pretty sure that by getting this Ping Pong training robot, you’ll be able to achieve the milestones you’ve always dreamt of. Stop practicing in front of a wall, the wall does not provide you with the training you need in order to transform into a butterfly from a cocoon!

iPong V300 Review

So let us begin with the review starting with how does this product differ from the other ones in the market and other its features.

Why iPong V300?

ipong v300 ping pong robot review

iPong has been providing the market with cool convenient and user-friendly robots for quite a while now. Most of these robots are priced in the budget range and are great for some home practice.

Coming to the iPong V300, honestly speaking, this Ping Pong Machine is not all that you need in order to become a professional. Even its technology is not that top-notch.

So why are we recommending it for you?

Well, iPong V300 may not be the most sturdy and technologically evolved Ping Pong Robot in the market but it surely comes with all the basic functions that you can use in order to practice as much as you want.

Its basic functions are just enough to let you focus on the shots. The most amazing thing we find about this robot is that you don’t have to mount or assemble it.

If you are wondering how that can be a great feature, let me explain. Most of the robots in the market are required to be set up in the middle of one end of the table. But if you want to practice keeping in mind that your opponent can play shots from sides as well, you have to move the whole assembly to the side, which is cumbersome. Also, mounting in the middle and throwing the ball to the sides will not be able to provide the angle like hitting from the sides.

But with iPong V300, you do not have to mount the whole thing. Just place it on the top of your Table Tennis Table, power it up, take the remote control in your hands and you’re good to go. And if you want to place it anywhere on the table, you can easily do that just by picking up the robot and simply placing it.

The costly ones on the market surely come with more number of variations in order to let you perfect a particular shot. But that is for those who are already expert in their game. If you want to level up from an amateur level to an expert, you need more practice and variety of shots. All these things you can be easily done using iPong V300 Ping Pong Robot.

iPong V300 Features

ipong v300 review

Let us take a look at what exciting features this iPong Robot offers us.

Attractive Build

Unlike the other unattractive bulky robots on the market, iPong V300 surely comes with a pretty look. Currently available in a glossy blue color the machine looks totally cool and matches the ambiance.

Though the machine is lightweight and I doubt if it can withstand being dropped to the ground.

Wireless Control

To control the robot wirelessly being on the other side of the table without being disturbed to go to the other side every time you need to change some setting, the V300 comes with wireless remote control.

So many of the great Ping Pong robots on the market come with a remote that has to be mounted on the table. And even worse, sometimes have to be constantly connected to the power outlet.

The guys at iPong have taken care of this issue and have provided with a remote control that is not only easily controlled but also comes with a user-friendly interface.

Great Ball Control

Besides the power on and off, you mainly get 4 ball controlling features on the remote control, namely Topspin, Backspin, Oscillation, and Frequency.

All these functions work great. However, there’s one flaw and that is the accuracy of the ping pong machine. The iPong V300 is not always accurate. Though it does not miss a shot every now and then. The problem appears once in every 10 or 20 shots which is negligible and I’d consider it as some extra practice!

And yes, the machine allows you to pause the training at any given moment using the remote control.

100 Balls in a Go

iPong comes with a ball storage place at the top. It can easily accommodate 100 ping pong balls there which is a pretty decent capacity to give you enough practice. The machine now supports 40 mm plus balls too.

Changing the Frequency

Beginners and intermediates both require different frequency to play with. Being a beginner it is obviously low and by the time it increases to your full potential. And that is exactly why iPong V300 comes with a changeable frequency of 30 to 70 balls per minute.

  • Convenient and user-friendly Ping Pong Robot.
  • Comes with an affordable price.
  • Can accommodate and shoot 100 balls at once.
  • Comes with a changeable frequency of 30 to 70 balls per minute.
  • 4 features to control the ball movement namely Oscillation, Topspin, Backspin, and Frequency using the wireless remote control.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Quieter performance compared to the previous versions.
  • iPong V300 Looks a little fragile and should be used carefully.
  • Some accuracy issues.
  • It does not come with a ball catching net. So if you do not buy one on your own, you will have to pick up each of the balls all by yourself once the Ping Pong Robot runs out of balls.
  • Not made for professionals due to lack of controls.

Who Is It For?

Any table tennis enthusiast will be happy with this value for money machine. If you are a beginner or an intermediate player that practices table tennis, this device will surely help you to achieve great results in no time. It is easily placeable anywhere on the table, so will be able to play shots based on different areas where your opponent can be.

One thing to keep in mind is that. This is a lower-range product, and that is why it comes with only a few controls. So if you are a professional, this one is not for you.

And if you have kids at home, they will love this amazing device that they can practice with any time they want.

The EndNote

All in all, iPong V300 is a great budget choice. It may not come with the ultimate number of functionalities but it surely provides you more than what its price demands. And we are almost certain that it will last long enough for you to level up your game and that is all you need, right?

So this was the iPong V300 Review for the best Ping Pong Robot for Beginners and Intermediates. If you have any queries regarding the product, comment in the section below. We will see you soon with another review regarding the Best Ping Pong Robot for Professionals.