Butterfly Amicus Professional Review – The Ultimate Ping Pong Trainer!

Have you been practicing for quite a while now but still cannot get that one shot correct? Does your opponent always take advantage of that one flaw of yours? Worry no more because I have just the perfect trainer for you that will help you overcome all of your weaknesses. I am talking about the Butterfly Amicus Professional here!

Being in the sports goods business for years now, Butterfly is a trustworthy brand with a numerous number of happy customers. Butterfly Amicus series is especially focused on the evolved new generation ping pong robots. Among the series, Butterfly Amicus Professional is quite in demand among professionals.

First of all, all the Butterfly Amicus Ping Pong Robots are of premium range and made with top-notch technology. And the professional one comes on top of the list in terms of the number of functionalities.

Butterfly Amicus Professional Review

Let us take a look at what this Ping Pong Robot offers, what I liked about it and its flaws.

Why Butterfly Amicus Professional

butterfly amicus professional

The sole purpose of this review is to provide the perfect Ping Pong Training Robot for the professionals. There were a lot of products on the market with varying prices and unique features like fully automatic machines etc.

But among them all, I have found this Butterfly Amicus Professional to be the best. Let me explain why.

As I already talked about Butterfly being a great brand, know that Butterfly Amicus Robots are made with a superior technology like no one else. Most of the robots on the market do provide you with the same features and other stuff but they all lack one thing and that is consistency. They are not accurate enough in the placement, speed, frequency, spin of the ball.

For a Robot to be truly professional, it must be giving a consistent result all the time. Else how is it going to transform into a professional, right?

But the biggest reason why I think this is the best robot for anyone who wants to level up is the countless number of control over the ball it provides. The Butterfly Professional is complex, I mean pretty complex. It may take you days to discover exactly how to operate the robot the right way. But on the bright side, the robot has so much control over the ball that it can probably throw any kind of ball you want it to.

Every player has his own flaws and weak points. But in order to improve those weaknesses, Butterfly Amicus Professional is the perfect partner. Start tackling that one shot you always miss and gradually increase the ball frequency and within no time you will be the master of the game!

On top of that, Butterfly offers you a 2-year warranty on the product and has quite a helpful customer service department. Yes, it is quite a costly product but its features are priceless too.

Let us take a look at what features it offers.

Butterfly Amicus Professional Features

Amicus Professional comes with a robot, a ball catching net, a wireless remote control, and a carry bag. Initially, you will have to calibrate the robot using the remote control.


One of the most exciting features of this Ping Pong Robot is its programmability. The machine comes with an option to create your own drills. Each drill can have 8 balls. And you can create your very own 99 drills! Maybe more than you can ever utilize.

Moreover, it comes with 21 premade drills by the German Expert Richard Prause! Besides that, you can make drills based on your weak and strong zones and work it out accordingly. You can even combine multiple types of shots in order to get the perfect practice and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Individual Frequency Control

All the table tennis players are at their individual and independent level of the game. So everyone needs a different kind of drills and practices.

Individual Frequency Control aka IFC is useful to provide a different frequency of ball which means the time gap between each ball getting thrown. For easy practice, you can keep the frequency low and for a rigorous drill, you can increase it.

Get the Desired Spin, Speed, Trajectory and Placement

Butterfly Amicus Professional is popular because of its accuracy. It can throw the ball at whatever spin, speed, and place you desire.

It has the ability to do both the topspin and backspin along with side spin. You can adjust the level of each very easily.

2 Year of Warranty

Butterfly is a trusted brand with amazing customer service. They provide quick, definite and friendly service to whatever problem you are facing regarding the product. And with a 2-year warranty, this Ping Pong Robot is a safe deal.

Highest Ball Throwing Frequency

Butterfly Amicus Professional provides one of the highest numbers of frequency among the other products in the market. So if you are a real pro and need something quite challenging, try this robot.

Sturdy Build with Premium Quality Materials

All the components of the robot are made in Hungary. They are tough and quite durable. The power supply is made in China, which seems to be working fine as well. Overall, this product will last long for sure.

  • A Ping Pong Robot for professionals and experts.
  • It can be used to coach multiple players.
  • Comes with 21 pre-programmed drills by German Coach Richard Prause.
  • You can program your own 99 drills with 8 balls in each.
  • Individual Frequency Needs(IFC) allows changing the frequency of the ball according to the player’s skills.
  • Amazing built quality.
  • Butterfly Amicus Professional comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Accurate ball throwing abilities.
  • No jamming problem.
  • Comes with a ball catching net.
  • Pretty costly.
  • In the beginning, the remote control and functions seem too complicated. It may take a few days to get a hang of it.

Who Is It For?

The Butterfly Amicus Professional, as the name suggests, is designed for the professional players. It comes with the best in class features and has thorough control over the ball.

Being in the premium range, it may be tough for some players to purchase one, however, coaches and academies can easily invest in this Ping Pong Robot for the betterment of their players.

If you are a home user and looking for something that is easy to operate, this Table Tennis Robot is not for you.

The EndNote

So this was my take on the Butterfly Amicus Professional. It is a tremendous robot with best in class features for professionals. One can surely hope for some great improvement in their game using this robot. It can do wonders for beginners too, as long as they are willing to operate on its complex controls.

The machine comes with a demanding price. But in my opinion, if it is going to improve your game, it is all worth it.

If you have any query, ping in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to help you.