Best Ping Pong Robot Review – Ping Pong Training at its Best!

Want to sharpen your Ping Pong skills but your buddy ain’t there all the time? Or is he quite a pro for you to play with? Do not let such dilemma stop you from being a Ping Pong Star anymore! Yes, you live in the 21st century and therefore, you don’t need a human anymore(pun intended)! Check out these amazing Ping Pong Robots to train like never before.

Ping Pong Robots are designed to accompany you as well as efficiently improve your game. These ping pong training robots can be set according to your current skills and difficulty level can be increased as you master the techniques. Many professional players use such table tennis robot in order to improve their particular techniques.

Best Ping Pong Robots – In a Nutshell

Below, we have summarized our favorite products on the basis of what kind of player you are. Choose one that you find the best for yourself. This will be helpful if you do not have time to go through the whole review.

Perfect Trainer  for Beginner Players

ping pong robot for Beginner or Intermediate Players

iPong V300 Ping Pong Training Robot: This small, convenient and attractive Ping Pong Robot comes with a lot to offer for beginner and intermediates. The Robot comes with a wireless remote and is pretty user-friendly. The remote allows you to control the robot while being on the other side of the table easily.

The machine is pretty cheap. And a great buy for all the beginners and intermediate players.

An Expert for Professional Players

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot: This bot comes with the best in class technology for you to control almost everything about the ball. It also comes with a ball catching net so that you don’t have to run around collecting the balls continually. Its programmer allows you to make and save 99 different types of drills with 7 balls each.

With a 2 year warranty from a virtuous brand like Butterfly, this product is surely a great buy to begin the journey of being an intermediate to a legend.

Total Control for Experts or Coaches

Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot: Perhaps, this is the best Ping Pong Robot currently on the market based on technology and controllability. However, its complex controls make it less user-friendly. This Table Tennis Robot also comes with a wireless remote and can be operated from the other end. It is quite costly but provides you with professional level configurations.

All in all, if you are deep into the game of table tennis, this one will not disappoint you at all.

BONUS PICK: Best Desk-friendly Trainer Bot

Huieson Professional Table Tennis Trainer

Huieson Professional Table Tennis Trainer: This desk table tennis training robot is a great way to improve your paddle positioning. While the electronic robot teaches you to tackle the opponent’s shot effectively, these little sucker robots focus on the batting force and positioning. You can easily improve your forehand, backhand shots, chop, lob, push using these table tennis robots.

This particular trainer comes with a long and adjustable neck so that you can position it easily at the height you want. Along with that, it is sturdy and easily mountable. Using multiple of these sucker robots, you can create a perfect training routine for yourself without having to buy an electronic Ping Pong Robot.

They easily fit on the edge of any table-like surface, they are super-cheap and give you great training. So if you are a little short on budget but still want to have a little trainer for yourself, this little device is good to go!

What is Ping Pong Robots Capable of?

The basic level robots come with the capability of throwing ping pong balls at a specific distance with determined placement. You can adjust the speed too. Even the basic ones are great for beginners and intermediate players to improve their game.

However, there have been problems regarding the accuracy of some budget-priced robots. Sometimes such robot would misfire the shot and the ball would land at out of the table or somewhere it wasn’t programmed to land at.

One thing to keep in mind here is that ping pong robots are not designed to be your competitors. They are designed to keep you up with the game and improve your techniques.

Most of the budget robots do not come with a self-refill system. They have to be refilled with human efforts which is quite a drag. However, if you purchase one with a decent ball holding capacity, you should be fine. And if you do not want to pick up the scattered balls all the time, check out the next section!

As we reach to the higher-end models, you get to see more functionalities such as topspin, backspin, spin speed etc. You can even change the frequency of the ball according to your comfort. By playing with topspin and backspin, such machines allow you to get the experience of playing with a pro and that too in your comfort zone! Such a thing is not possible if you keep practicing with beginners.

Most of these Table Tennis Robots are placed at the opposite edge of the table. The cheaper ones do not require assembly and can be easily put near the edge manually. However, the higher-end ping pong machines do require some assembly and mounting.

Some high-end models come with the self-refill function. For such, the Robot simply makes use of a table tennis net. However, this net is a little different than the one we use at the partition of the table. These nets are designed to catch all the balls at the opponent’s side. Some of them even come with a little gap near the edge of the table so that the balls go down between the gap and then roll down to the Ping Pong Robot (remember how pool tables work?).

Until now, there is no interactive game playing with these Ping Pong Training Robots. All you can do is practice specific shots, with different speed, spin, frequency variations. However, global tech company Omron has come up with an ultimate Ping Pong Bot that can play with humans.

This AI-powered robot can thoroughly understand where the ball is going to land and the speed of a smash as well. It is designed to get better after each and every game through its AI. Though, until now, the AI-powered Ping Pong Robot is not capable of being a hardcore competitor but that can very well change in the near future without a doubt.

Coming back to the Robots that are already in the market, the best thing about them is random shot making. Using such option, the machine will shoot the balls at random places and pace. And you will get showered in sweat after a few shots for sure!

Summing up, Ping Pong Robots are the ultimate way to get trained and improve your game substantially. And without a doubt, you will master the game in no time.

How to Keep the Balls from Scattering Away?

Most of the lower-end Ping Pong machines do not come with a system that can stop the balls from getting scattered away. And hence, you have to grab each one of them by yourself. Sometimes, for a 10-minute playtime, you have to pick up the balls continually for 15 minutes or even more!

However, there is one easy and quite a simple way to fix this. A ping pong net! Yes, you can fix this with a ping pong net (not the one that you place in the middle of the ping pong table). This is the one that you place at the edge of the table.

You can get such Ball Catching Net easily from Amazon. Make sure to get one that comes with a little space near the edge to hold the balls so that the balls do not come in the way of your next shot.

Best Ping Pong Robot Review

Now let us move to our Ping Pong Robot Review. Here, you will find the Best Bots according to your budget and need.

#1. Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot is a high-end professional robot

Butterfly is a company in the business of Ping Pong equipment for decades now and is a very reliable brand name for those who have been in the market. Just like their amazing range of sports equipment, Butterfly Amicus is an astonishing Ping Pong Robot series from the brand.

Butterfly Amicus is among the most high-end Ping Pong machines that are available in the market. Unlike the competitors, their technology is better and in fact, far superior.

The Butterfly Amicus range comes in 3 models, namely, Butterfly Amicus Start, Butterfly Amicus Expert, and Butterfly Amicus Professional. Here we have Butterfly Amicus Professional review, which is quite in demand.

First of all, Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot is a high-end professional robot that comes with a lot of exciting features. Once purchased, it comes with a carry bag, the robot, and the net to catch the balls.

The Ping Pong Robot is operated is using a wireless remote, which in our opinion is a bit too complicated for domestic users. First of all, after the initial mounting of the robot is done, you have to calibrate the robot using the remote, which is quite helpful for the better placement and functionality.

Using the remote, you can adjust each one of the balls coming from the robot including its trajectory, speed, spin, and placement. It comes with 21 pre-programmed drills made by the German Butterfly Coach Richard Prause. You can also create your own exercise drills for a more personalized experience. There are 8 balls per exercise and you can create a whopping 99 number of different exercises! Also, You can create cycles to have a pause in between the exercise.

For beginners, this robot can shoot at a slow frequency and can reach up to 120 balls per minute for the professionals. They call it the Individual Frequency Needs(IFC).

The robot is pretty accurate at what it does and is quite functional to play with. Unlike the other bots that can get doomed while making complex moves, this one does not fail. The built quality of the Table Tennis Robot is pretty good and the brand provides a 2-year warranty too.

Though the price can be a setback for most beginners here, in our opinion, it is a great Ping Pong Machine to take you from being a beginner to a pro player in no time. It also has a fair amount of features of such price. And lastly, Butterfly provides great customer service for all its sports equipment, so nothing to complain about in that section.

All in all, Butterfly Amicus Professional is a great Ping Pong Robot no matter what level of player you are.


  • Best Ping Pong Robot with amazing professional level functionalities.
  • Accurate ball shooting with the desired spin & speed at proper position and trajectory.
  • Comes with 21 pre-programmed drills made by the German Butterfly Coach Richard Prause.
  • Individual Frequency Needs(IFC) can be set as per the comfort zone of the player. I.e As low as possible for beginner and up to 120 balls per minute for professionals.
  • The built quality of the Table Tennis Robot is great.
  • It allows you to create 99 exercises according to your training needs.
  • The brand provides a 2-year warranty on the product and the customer service is great.


  • The controls can be a bit too complicated to understand for a beginner. We believe that the interface of the remote could have been made more user-friendly.
  • This Ping Pong Robot is pretty expensive and can empty your pockets in one go! Though it is a wise and definitive investment.

#2. iPong V300 Ping Pong Training Robot

iPong V300

iPong provides some of the great user-friendly and convenient Ping Pong Robots in the market. By far, all of their machines have received great feedback from the customers. Read the full summary of iPong V300 Review below.

One of the best sellers of iPong, The iPong V300 comes with a decent 100 ball holding capacity. So you can have 100 practice shots in one go.

The best thing about this robot is its convenience and user-friendliness which you can also see by its remote control. The Ping Pong Robot comes with a wireless remote which has pretty simple controls on the interface, unlike the Butterfly Amicus.

You can adjust the frequency which is time-gap between each shooted ball. The frequency can be set between 30 to 70 balls per minute which in our opinion is pretty decent. You can also add or adjust topspin, backspin, and oscillation of the ball.

As already stated, the Ping Pong machine can throw 100 balls in a single go. However, you can easily pause its operation in between any time using the remote control.

The Ping Pong Training Robot has been improved compared to the previous versions for quieter and more accurate performance. Also, they have added a mechanism to prevent the balls from jamming inside the machine.

Overall, the built of the Ping Pong Robot is not top-notch, however, it cannot be termed as cheap. Only that it requires caution while being handled.

This machine can give you plenty of practice if you are a beginner or intermediate. On the other hand, for a professional, we will not suggest this Table Tennis Robot as sometimes the speed of the ball varies from the defined value.

Overall, the iPong V300 is one of our favorite Ping Pong Trainers due to its user-friendliness and convenience. For the beginners and intermediate players, it can be of a lot of help to improve the game without a doubt.


  • One of the most convenient and user-friendly Ping Pong Robot in the market.
  • Can shoot 100 balls in a single go.
  • The frequency of shooting can be set between 30 to 70 balls according to your expertise.
  • You can include or adjust topspin, backspin, and wavering of the ball.
  • A quieter performance with improved accuracy.
  • Prevents the balls from getting jammed inside the machine.


  • Sometimes throws the ball with lack of accuracy.
  • Build quality not top-notch.
  • Lack of controls for a professional. However, at the given price, the product is totally worth it.
  • The manufacturer should have provided a catching net to prevent the balls from scattering everywhere.

#3. Smartpong Table Tennis Robot

Smartpong Table Tennis Robot

For everyone out there looking for a fully automatic table tennis robot, Smartpong is the one for you!

All the other Table Tennis Robots in the market do train you but as soon as the balls run out you have to do some ‘additional training’ of gathering them all up! It is really a drag and someone should have come up with a better idea.

And of course, that is why this amazing Smartpong robot has come up with a fully automatic system! The Smartpong Table Tennis Robot gathers the balls all by itself. You do not have to move around the house to pick each one up!

But how does it work?

Well, it is pretty simple. The Ping Pong Robot comes with a ball catching net that gathers all the balls in a space below the other edge of the table. Here, there is a ball-collector that moves the ball back to the robot’s very own tunnel and from there, the robot picks it up and throws again! Such a clever idea, right?

Along with being fully automatic Ping Pong Robot, this outstanding machine does a great job throwing the ball in a variety of settings as well. Using the wireless remote provided with the robot you can easily manipulate spin, frequency, angle, location, and speed. There are 4 premade playing modes for you to choose from.

This Table Tennis Robot comes with the main robot, 100 balls, some spare parts, a remote control with LCD screen and the user manual.

All in all, this may be the Best Ping Pong Robot in the market in terms of being fully automatic.


  • Comes with state of the art fully automatic technology so you never have to pick up ping pong balls again.
  • Comes with a wireless remote which has 4 built-in play modes.
  • Programmable function to manipulate frequency, spin, location, angle, and speed.
  • Comes with a built-in timer.
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Lack of advanced options.

#4. HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot

HUI PANG-07 Table Tennis Robot

HUI PANG-07 Ping Pong Robot is a Ping Pong trainer with a lot of functionalities to choose from. While the other robots provide only few ball variations, Hui Pang-07 comes with 36 ball variations to choose from!

The machine is a little bit larger compared to the other robots available in the market. Though it perfectly fits any standard sized ping pong table. The assembly is easy, however, make sure to check out the dimensions mentioned on the merchant website.

Being of larger size, the machine can accommodate a big number of balls too. It has a capacity of 110 balls in the section provided in the back. It works perfectly with standard sized ping pong balls.

The Ping Pong Robot comes with a wireless remote to change all the machine functions and ball shooting variations. It makes it pretty easy to operate from being at the other end only.

The machine comes with support to both English and Chinese language. So that you don’t have to learn Chinese just for a Ping Pong Machine(pun intended)!

The maximum ball throwing capacity of the machine is of 70 balls per minute which is pretty decent. In addition, it comes with the top ball shooting speed of 40 meters/second. All in all, these specifications are perfect for you to feel how an expert would throw shots against you.

The Table Tennis Robot does not come with a ball catching net. If provided with one, it would have been a perfect package.

All in all, Hui Pang-07 Ping Pong Robot does a great work in ball variations to give you a premium ping pong training. Though it is not an exceptional product, for the price tag it comes with, it is good to go.


  • 36 ball shooting variations to give you a great practice session.
  • 110 ball-carrying capacity.
  • Comes with a wireless remote.
  • Maximum ball throwing capacity of the machine is of 70 balls per minute and top shooting speed of 40 meters/second.
  • A decent price tag for the functionalities.


  • Bit larger than the other products.
  • Does not come with a ball catching net.

#5. Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+ Table Tennis Robot

Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+ Table Tennis Robot

Newgy makes Ping Pong Robots of convenient range and its bots are made with better technology than most of the other brands out there.

Following is Newgy Ping Pong Robot review of model 1040+ which has already been praised and loved by the buyers.

The robot has been modified since the previous version. It now can support ping pong balls of the size larger than a 40. And unlike other robots, this one comes with free white 2-star ping pong balls, 48 of them!

The table tennis robot is a little bit bigger than expected. Especially because of the large basket it comes at the bottom. The basket is used to keep the balls. It is so large that it can accommodate almost 200 ping pong balls, which sets it apart from the competition.

Turning the head of the robot, you can make this robot serve too. It will give you tons of exercise to counter service of any tough player. Besides service, it can do various shots like chop, lob, push, counter, fast loop. Along with these shots, the robot can make the ball spin in topspin, backspin, left spin or right spin.

The big concern here is that you can set the robot head in one direction only, which makes it unable to throw you different spins in a single go. So you can play with only one spin at a time and then you have to change. Also, the oscillation and spin of the Ping Pong Robot are not as realistic as a professional player.

The robot is overall easy to install. It takes around 20 minutes to install and can be disassembled easily as well.

Another thing I did not like about the robot is the controller. You have to mount the robot’s controller on the table itself. It does not come with a wireless one, unlike the other products. Also, it has to be plugged in all the time, which makes it more bothersome.

Also, while playing, the robot sometimes gets stuck with the ping pong balls. Such a thing happens more often when you set the ball frequency to low. So it makes it really tough to have a productive practice session.

All in all, if you are looking for more of a practice partner rather than a trainer, this Ping Pong Robot will work like a charm. But if you are looking for something professional, do not bother going for this ping pong machine.


  • The Ping Pong Robot comes with a variety of shots.
  • It can accommodate more than 200 ping pong balls at once.
  • Can work with balls of more than standard 40 mm size.
  • Great if you need more sort of a practice partner.


  • Takes up more space due to the big basket at the bottom.
  • Cannot practice multiple spins at once because of the head position problem.
  • Cannot provide you with professional level training.
  • No wireless controller. The provided analog one has to be connected with power port all the time.
  • Sometimes gets stuck at low frequency.
  • Does not come with a ball catching net.

#6. Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot

Butterfly Amicus Expert Table Tennis Robot

As we have already reviewed Butterfly Amicus Professional earlier in this review, here is another variant of the Butterfly Amicus Ping Pong Robot series. This one is called Butterfly Amicus expert.

As the name suggests it is slightly less in the number of functionalities than Amicus Professional. However, we did not find it inferior at all. It may be having a little fewer functionalities than the professional one. It does have everything that an expert needs (just like the name!). And of course, as we already stated in the former review that Butterfly Professional is quite complex to operate for a home user. Such a number of functionalities would be great for a coach but not a player. Most players just want to set the robot to give them some great practice as easily as they can and that is it.

Coming to what Butterfly expert offers us, it has the same top ball throwing frequency as the Butterfly Professional, which is 120 balls per minute. It also allows you to store 99 ball drills with 7 balls each. And yes, comes with 20 premade drills from table tennis training expert Richard Prause.

Another great thing about Butterfly Ping Pong Robot is that it comes with a ball catching net. This makes your playing less bothersome as you don’t have to go collect up the balls every time the machine runs out of balls.

It comes with a wireless remote control same as the other variants of Butterfly Robots. Though it is a little smaller and less complex than the Butterfly Professional Ping Pong Robot. It can be placed on the table easily and fits in the pocket as well. However, we do not suggest you put the remote control in the pocket so that you don’t press any buttons unknowingly.

The main difference between Butterfly Amicus Professional and Expert is of programmability. While the professional allows you to store 99 drills with 7 balls each, the professional increases this number with 8 balls per drill. Also, it comes with an automatic ball frequency controller to keep the training in order.

All in all, Butterfly is a great brand and the robots it provides are truly professional. When it comes to choosing between the variants, we say that you go with the Butterfly Amicus Expert as it is quite sufficient for a pro and less of a headache than the Butterfly Amicus Professional.


  • Maximum ball throwing frequency of 120 balls per minute which is amazing.
  • Allows you to store 99 drills with 7 balls each.
  • Comes with automatic ball frequency controller to provide you with the best training.
  • Comes with 20 prebuilt drills by German Expert Coach Richard Prause.
  • Light and pocket-friendly remote control that can fit on the table as well.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and Butterfly customer service is great.
  • Less complex operating than the Butterfly Professional.
  • Comes with a ball catching net.


  • Being a premium Ping Pong Robot, it comes with a demanding price.
  • Great for professional, however, beginners may just get confused with a large number of functionalities.

Table Tennis Sucker Trainer

Table Tennis Sucker Trainer aka Table Tennis Sucker Robot is a great way to train your shots. Whether you need to perfectly chop, lob or push, you can do it all with a Table Tennis Trainer.

Let us see some great Table Tennis Sucker Trainers that will help you perfect your shots.

#1. Gracefulvara Tables Tennis Sucker Trainer

Gracefulvara Tables Tennis Sucker Trainer

While the Electronic Table Tennis Robots train you on how to tackle the shots from your opponents. The Gracefulvara Sucker Trainer trains you on how to exactly play the shot.

For the game of Ping Pong, self-discipline is a must. You have to control your shots and play it with proper force and accuracy of the paddle. You simply cannot go overboard being high on adrenaline. And that is exactly why devices like Gracefulvara Tables Tennis Sucker Trainer are invented.

This table tennis sucker is easy to install and comes with a table sucker at the bottom that you can easily install on a Ping Pong Table or even your desk.

The spring provided with the table tennis sucker robot is pretty sturdy and easily comes back to its original place and maintains ball trajectory.

You can adjust the ball placement in order to practice for different shots. You can easily practice forehand and backhand shots using this Table Tennis Sucker Trainer. Hitting the ball gives you the same feeling as hitting a random shot from your opponent resulting in training you how to tackle the shots controllably.

The great this about these Table Tennis Suckers is that they are quite cheap. Though besides being cheap, their functionalities are far beyond awesome.


  • Convenient price.
  • Allows you to control your shots.
  • Can easily practice chop, lob or push using this trainer.
  • It makes your forehand and backhand shots more accurate.
  • Sturdy build with high-quality materials compared to other products on the market.
  • Can be mounted easily on most flat surfaces.


  • The sucker tends to wear out after a few months of use. But looking at the price, it is nevertheless worth it.
  • Too short.

#2. Huieson Professional Table Tennis Training Robot

Huieson Professional Table Tennis Training Robot

Huieson Professional Training Robot comes with a different fixing style than the other sucker robots. It comes with a lever that you can tight on the edge of a table.

Besides the lever, this Ping Pong Robot is pretty long. Its neck is adjustable and can be placed in multiple positions for an effective training session. The other robots like Gracefulvara do not provide such functionality.

Coming to the build quality of the training robot, it is pretty strong. The base stays at its place beside the hard-hitting. On the other hand, the sucker robots lose their stance as they come in contact with dust.

If we compare the Huieson Professional Ping Pong Robot with Fulvara one, Huieson has better life and stance. Also, it can be adjusted in multiple ways. It costs just a few bucks extra than the Fulvara Sucker Trainer. So in all the terms, Huieson is a clear winner.


  • Adjustable and long neck.
  • No sucker base for better life and stability.
  • Can be mounted on any desk or table regardless of surface.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Pocket-friendly price.


  • The neck will wear out sooner or later. However, it is pretty cheap so we’ll call it a safe bet!

The EndNote

So that’s it, fella. These were PingPong.Guide’s top Ping Pong Robots to improve your game like never before.

A ping pong robot is designed not to compete with you. But to practice alongside you as your partner. Using such robots, we are pretty sure that you’ll witness a drastic change in your game.

First of all, determine where you currently stand as a ping pong player and then choose one accordingly. You do not need to put too much money if you are not a professional. Just get a decent robot that can give you a good amount of practice. The key to being a successful Ping Pong player is practice and we are pretty sure that our review will help you to find the right one.

Also, if you have any query regarding our article, drop your question in the comment box below. We’ll make sure to answer all of your queries.

Till then keep on training.