DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber Review – Ultimate Ping Pong Paddle Rubber

Is the office Table Tennis setup getting more competitive? Are you looking to take your above average game to the next level? And are you looking for a more spin focused, highly rated ping pong paddle rubber to boost your game? Then you have come to the right place. We are reviewing the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo which will undoubtedly take you to the top.

The DHS is a Chinese brand who make world-class Table Tennis equipment and often their products are selected to be played on for Table Tennis world championships and the Olympics. The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is an excellent Table Tennis Rubber. The Neo sponge marks the difference between both these Hurricane variants.

This rubber is not so forgiving when it comes to controlling the action and you have to get used to its speed and power gradually. But once you know how to do that, your opponents will be on their toes whenever they face you.

The Ping Pong Paddle Rubber can be used by both intermediate players and recreational players. The ITTF approved rubber on the paddle means that you will be able to get into club level tournaments or other major tournaments.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo – Featuring Neo Sponge

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Ping Pong Rubber

The most attractive aspect of the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is the inclusion of the soft but sturdy Neo sponge that promises to take the tackiness of the DHS inverted rubber to the realms of speed and power. This innovative combination means you will be able to damage at higher speeds and power. Now that doesn’t compromise the amount of spin it generates.

  • Dimensions: 6*6/8 (inches)
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Rubber material: Inverted
  • Speed: 8/10
  • Spin: 9/10
  • Control: 9/10

Once you get a hold of this unique Table Tennis Rubber there will be no stopping you. The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is made for players who not only want speed and power but also total control in all the shots they play. We bring you the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo review to help you understand better about the good and bad of getting this Table Tennis Rubber.

The most significant features are discussed below:

Tacky Rubber

The DHS is a Chinese brand and they are known to produce one of the tackiest of rubbers in the world. The tackiness helps the Ping-Pong ball to grip the surface for a longer period of time. It was seen in various experiments conducted on the regular DHS Hurricane and DHS Hurricane 3 Neo that the rubber on the former was significantly tackier.

The rubber on Hurricane 3 is one of the most sought-after in the Chinese national team. This rubber comes in a paper wrapper inside a vacuum sealed plastic bag that preserves the tackiness. The tacky rubber also allows you to lift the ball easily. This helps you in using various kinds of flips and short serves skillfully. Though the rubber is good it is not so forgiving, you have to get used to it.

Powerful NEO Sponge

The next big thing that is sure to catch your eyes is the sponge that this rubber features – The Neo sponge. It is a medium hard sponge that produces high arc angles. It helps your paddle to generate more speed and significantly dampens the shock that comes along while countering powerful strokes, increasing its potential as a defensive paddle. The only thing that will bother you is that the sponge will make it a little slow.

Good Spin

As we said earlier, the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is a Ping Pong Paddle Rubber that is made keeping control in mind. With this rubber, you will be able to impart an outrageous amount of spin on the forehand loop with little effort and less involvement of wrist action. These loops are going to give your opponents a headache. Though, you will find yourself missing some easy smashes as the flat hits on the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is very weak.

You will find that the Hurricane 3 Neo is more spin sensitive than other table tennis rubbers.

Good Blocks

Thanks to the Chinese rubber a lot of the incoming spin and serves can be dealt using those. The rubber absorbs a lot of the kinetic energy of the incoming spin and provides a good chance to block. However, the tackiness should be kept in mind. The ball could easily grip the surface while blocking and you have to be extra careful about directing the ball on to the table.

Who Is It For?

The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo has the qualities that can benefit bot an aggressive player or an offensive player irrespective of his age or gender. Being light in weight, even children will also find it easy to handle. The ping pong rubber is made to produce more power and speed while permitting to experiment with different strategies.

This ping pong rubber is hence suited for players who choose to play both aggressive and defensive games. Although, players looking to smash the ball through the air should avert from this as it is more of a spin oriented rubber. The speed and the spin can be both controlled by beginners who are just starting out and professionals once they get used to it. The tackiness will make you fall in love with this product, but make sure you keep it clean to ensure its durability.

  • Tacky rubber
  • Good spin
  • Above average speed and power
  • Good sponge
  • Suitable for all kinds of players
  • Good blocking ability
  • Light in weight
  • Has a fishy smell when new
  • High maintenance
  • Vibrates when contact with the ball

The EndNote

The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is an excellent table tennis rubber for all kinds of players. Depending upon the speed it generates and the control it imparts, this rubber can make even the average player take his game to the next level. It is a very versatile tournament rubber that can favor both the aggressive and defensive player.

If you prefer more power and speed you will want to get the regular DHS Hurricane 3 which has a harder sponge but you will lose out on spin. If you want to incorporate both playing styles in your game we would certainly recommend you to get this product.

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