Best Ping Pong Ball Gun Reviews – For the Notorious Kid Inside You!

Ping Pong Balls are pretty fun. They allow you to play professional games like ping pong, party games like beer pong and other fun competitive games. Do you know what another thing you can add to this list? A Ping Pong Ball Gun!

ping pong ball launchers are just like paintball guns. If you enjoyed playing paintball with your colleagues, classmates, or friends, then you will surely enjoy a ping pong shooter rampage too.

Besides being the same as the paintball guns, the best thing about these ping pong guns is that they do not get you dirty! You can aim at your enemy and shoot em down without hurting.

Ping Pong Ball Guns can be a great toy for both adults and kids. These ping pong guns are so much fun to play with in whether it be kids birthday parties or adult parties. And there is glow in the dark ping pong ball gun that will let you enjoy some fun games in the night too!

Best Glow in the Dark Gun

Glow In The Dark Moon Ping Pong Ball Gun

Moon Ping Pong Ball Gun: This ping pong shooter is a pretty normal air pressure shooter. There is nothing to go gaga over this product rather than the fact that it comes with glow in the dark ping pong balls. They are perfect for some dark indoor fun, great for kids and greater for grown-up kids and their parties. It is pretty convenient and comes with 30 balls with the pack of 3, not a bad deal at all!

Best Ping Pong Gun for Kids

Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper Dual Battle Pack

Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper Dual Battle Pack: Hog Wild Atomic Power is great for kids. It makes use of soft foam balls instead of had ping pong balls so that your kids do not get hurt. It comes with a whopping 60 or 72 number of balls for the emo. The blaster works on air pressure and can shoot farther than 20 feet. The overall design, feel, and easiness makes these guns super fun for kids of all ages.

Best Adult Ping Pong Gun

nerf rival nemesis mxvii-10k review

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K:  This fully automatic Nerf Blaster gun can shoot balls at the speed of 100 feet per second. Not only that but it’s one of the most accurate ping pong ball launchers on the market. Coming in striking colors of Red and Blue, this shooter will allow you for intense head-to-head gameplay. But keep in mind, this is not for kids at all!

Why choose a Ping Pong Ball Gun?

Ping Pong Ball Guns are a great alternative to paintball guns and BB guns. Beside, paintball guns are pretty costly. A single paintball gun comes at the price at which you can purchase ping pong shooters for a big party. And also, the stubborn stains are a pain too.

When it comes to BB guns, they often end up hurting you or some other guy during the game. Also, it is not wise to play with BB guns or to give your kids a BB gun.

With ping pong balls you can be assured that no one, including your kid, will get hurt. Ping pong guns are not long range guns but some of them do offer medium range combat.

Another great thing about ping pong ball guns is that you can easily purchase some glow in the dark ping pong balls that will add to the fun and will allow you to enjoy night gaming like never before!

#1. Glow In The Dark Moon Ping Pong Ball Gun – Night Time Games, Parties, Outdoor Events

Glow In The Dark Moon Ping Pong Ball Gun

Did you always want to enjoy some nighttime party games with your friends? Well, your fantasy is now a reality! This ping pong ball gun from Shop Zoombie comes with glow in the dark balls and allows you to have a medium to close range battle with your friends.

A great thing about this blaster is that it comes with plastic ping pong balls which let you have an impact on the enemy, unlike those softball guns. So more adult fun!

The product comes with 3 guns in the pack, a green, a pink, and a blue. All these come with the same glow in the dark balls. Also, the thing to notice here is that the ping pong shooter does make use of ping pong balls but it does not use standard sized ping pong balls. Instead, it uses smaller ones.

The guns work by you having to pump up some air in the gun through the pumper. Each gun comes with 10 balls which make 30 balls in total.

Overall, the built quality and efficiency of these guns are almost average. But the glow in the dark feature brings extra fun to it. If you like to experiment and have fun adventure games with your friends, this gun is definitely for you.


  • Comes with 30 glow in the dark balls.
  • Comes with ping pong balls instead of foam balls, which makes it more fun by having an impact on your competitor.
  • Comes in pretty colors.
  • Priced quite conveniently.


  • Not a professional level gun. It is just a fun prop.
  • The seller won’t share the details to get some extra glow in the dark balls.

#2. Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper Dual Battle Pack

Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper Dual Battle Pack

The Atomic Power Popper comes in a pack of two named, 2X battle pack. If you are looking for some head to head fun, this gun is pretty fun.

This blaster comes with softballs rather than ping pong balls, ensuring that the kids don’t get hurt. The range of the gun is more than 20 feet which makes it good enough for some indoor fun but I really doubt its functionality outside the house. If you have kids at your home, this can be pretty fun to have a battle with them.

This gun is an air blaster which means you have to pump some air through the pumper every time before blasting a shot. The gun comes in 2 options, 60 balls, and 72 balls. There is not much price difference but I will recommend you to go with whichever is more convenient as 60 balls are more than enough.

All in all, this ping pong ball launcher can be pretty fun for kids and for some family fun with kids. It is also safer than the other ping pong ball guns that come with plastic balls.


  • Great for kids or some family fun.
  • Comes with safe soft foam balls.
  • Shoots more than 20 feet.
  • This ping pong ball gun comes with 60 or 72 balls so no need to buy extra ammo!


  • The range is not that great.
  • Good for kids or to play with kids. Not for the grown-ups.

#3. Original Burp Gun – Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Original Burp Gun - Ping Pong Ball Gun made in the usa

Burp Guns have been in the market for a very long time. They are one of the first ping pong ball launchers. However, if you are looking for a gun that shoots standard size ping pong balls, this one is not for you. And almost every the ping pong ball gun makes use of smaller ping pong balls to increase the accuracy and impact.

Burp Guns are made in the USA. They have been America’s favorite for decades. It is even fun to have them in your office and shoot off whomever, whenever you want to!

The range of the gun is accurate up to 20 feet. However, if you pump rapidly you can reach to the distance of 30 feet, which is pretty decent for an air pressure ping pong ball gun.

Another great thing is that ping pong balls do make an impact, unlike the soft foam balls. All the standard size burp guns can accommodate up to 15 balls and the Burp Pistols can hold 7 balls max.

These guns are called burp guns as they make a burping sound while shooting the ball. Also, the last ball makes an indistinct burp sound, pretty fun!

All in all, these guns are pretty enjoyable and can be great for some casual fun with your kids or mates.


  • The original Burp Guns made in the USA.
  • This ping pong ball gun shoots non-standard size ping pong balls.
  • Accurate up to 20 feet.
  • Can shoot as far as 30 feet.
  • Great for kids and adults both.


  • Do not expect this gun to do the wonders or play full-fledged wars with it. This is a fun toy and does work like one.
  • Pricey!

#4. Nerf Rival Nemesis Review – MXVII-10K

nerf rival nemesis mxvii-10k review

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is not a ping pong ball gun but as I thought you may be looking for some full-fledged war gun, here is a review of Nerf Rival Nemesis.

This one is a great gun that is amazingly fun to have some head to head fun. These guns can shoot at the speed of 100 feet per second, horrifying! If you do not get how fast that speed is, just know that these guns are not recommended for kids below 14, which will pretty much indicate you about how fast these guns shoot.

The gun makes use of small foam balls. 100 rounds come with each Nerf Rival Nemesis. The blasters come in 2 colors, blue and red. Choose one and be on the blue or red team and enjoy an epic realistic battle.

This blaster is fully motorized and runs with 6D batteries. Also, the hopper can hold 100 shots at a time. It is hassle-free and can be slid to dump the balls right inside.

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K ping pong ball launcher has been favorite of Nerf War lovers ever since it has arrived. It gives you the experience and intensity of a real head-to-head team battle. Some players even go farther and make modifications on their blasters.

All in all, if you are looking for some intense war experience with your friends, this accurate ping pong ball launcher is made just for you. Choose without any hesitancy.


  • The best ever blaster to have a head-to-head team battle with your friends.
  • Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K can shoot at an astonishing speed of 100 feet per second.
  • Hopper can hold a whopping 100 balls at a time.
  • This blaster is pretty accurate, unlike any ping pong ball gun.
  • Fully motorised.


  • This blaster is pretty costly.
  • You will have to purchase the batteries externally.
  • Extra balls cost a little too much.

The EndNote

So these were the best ping pong ball gun reviews for you, your kids or the kid inside you! If you love some ultimate head to head action, choose one of these guns without thinking much.

We have ensured to mention all the cool ping pong blasters for kids, adults, and some just for the sake of your nostalgia.

If you have any query regarding any of the product mentioned here, comment in the section below. We will surely answer you in no time.

Till then have some epic blaster battle with your mates.