Best Beer Pong Balls Review – For the Ultimate Party Fun!

Beer Pong is a decades-old legendary game that is till date one of the most popular party games. Over time, nothing much has changed in the game. Though there are several ways in which you can make this game more interesting and fun. One of these ways is experimenting with the beer pong balls.

Bring up new kind of beer pong balls every time rather than those old boring ping pong balls. You can find yourself colorful ping pong balls, custom ping pong balls or even glow in the dark pong balls!

Our Favorite Beer Pong Balls – At a Glance

Best Cheap Beer Pong Ball

sportly beer pong ball

Sportly 144 Pieces Beer Pong Balls: Besides being of budget price, our principal focus here is on the quality. The balls from Sportly come are made from celluloid and hence, are pretty tough. The colors are amazingly contrasting and top-grade. Coming in a pack of 144, these balls demand quite a nominal price for both quality and quantity.

The Best Beer Pong Ball

Kevenz best beer pong ball

Kevenz 40mm Pong Games Beer Pong Balls: These are the superb quality balls from Kevenz. The brand is reliable and produces great quality ping pong balls. These balls come in 7 divergent colors and in a pack of 50. The colors are bright and contrasting and being a quality product, there are no visible seams on the surface of the ball. It also comes in a glow in the dark variant if you like to experiment.

Best Premium Pong Ball

CherryPic Junction Custom Ping Pong - Beer Pong Balls

CherryPic Junction Beer Pong Balls: Are you going to have a stoners party, a themed party or a Halloween celebration? Whatever it is, what if you had just the perfect balls to celebrate the occasions with a different twist? CherryPic Junction Beer Pong Balls come in 3 different color variants namely, cherry pong, pirate pong, and bong pong. Coming a pack of 20, these balls are worth the money.

What Is Beer Pong?

Well, I’m pretty sure you already know what Beer Pong is, though let us take a detour to gain some fun knowledge about the game.

Actually, no one knows how the game was invented. But there are some indications that suggest that Beer Pong was actually invented somewhere between the 1950s and 1960s by the students of Dartmouth College, USA. Originally, they used to use a paddle to make the ball land in a cup.

Ever since then, it has been the most enjoyed game by adult party lovers and an essential part of campus life.

How Is It Played?

Nowadays, the game is played by throwing a ball by hands into the opponent’s cup. If you successfully make the ball land into any of the cups, the opponent has to drink the booze from that cup, as simple as it sounds!

Earlier, the game used to be played on any table. But now, the game has evolved a lot and there are special beer pong tables available in the market. It comes with proper positions to place the glasses. Some tables also come with a launcher but that is pretty unnecessary and ruins the essence of the game, in my opinion.

For pool parties, there are Pool Beer Pong tables available in the market too! These tables come with an icebox in the middle where you can keep your booze to keep it chilled.

Also, for the themed parties, you can find some glow in the dark beer pong game set. These sets come with glow in the dark cups and glow in the dark balls. Using these you can enjoy the game in full darkness, which brings out a lot of excitement and amusement in the air.

In this review, we are going to take a look at some of the best ping pong balls ever. These balls can be simple colourful beer pong balls, glow in the dark balls, or themed balls.

Let us begin.

#1. KEVENZ 40mm Pong Games Beer Pong Balls

KEVENZ 40mm Beer Ping Pong Balls

Kevenz is a great brand to buy ping pong balls from. Here, these balls are specially designed for pong games, i.e Beer Pong. The balls come in a pack of 50 which is good enough for a party. Also, there are 7 beautiful colors included in the pack.

The thing I liked the most about these balls is the built quality. These balls do not have visible seams on its surface, which is a sign of great quality. Overall, the balls have decent quality bounce and finish. However, they are still not good enough to play ping pong with. Though they are not even designed for such purpose.

If you want the balls to glow in the dark, you can opt for the only other variant. This variant comes in a single color option and that is white. These balls do have a not bad kind of glow but if you are looking for something that shines brightly in the darkness, this one is useless. Better opt for the colored ones.


  • Superb quality.
  • No visible seams on the surface.
  • Comes in 7 fun colors.
  • Great for beer pong, crafts and decoration.
  • Available in a glow in the dark variant too.


  • Costs a bit extra than other balls.
  • Cannot be used for ping pong.

#2. CherryPic Junction Ping Pong – Beer Pong Balls

CherryPic Junction Custom Ping Pong - Beer Pong Balls CherryPic Junction Custom Ping Pong - Beer Pong Balls Best Beer Pong Ball CherryPic Junction Custom

Here is my favorite product of all! CherryPic Junction Beer Pong Balls come with amazing designs and patterns, and will surely get the party started.

These balls come in basically 3 variants. The first variant is a black colored ball with white skulls printed on the surface, known as the pirate pong. Then comes a ball with a red eye on the top, called cherry pong. And lastly, a ping pong ball for the weed lovers, colored in green with weed leaves printed on the surface.

These balls are made using Xylonite, which is a fine material to use for ping pong balls. As a result, you can use these beer pong balls for a game of ping pong too. They are not quite a perfect fit, but they work fine. These beer pong balls do not have visible seams on the surface. Also, these balls are durable but their coating is not. There is visible fading of the ball color after a few days.

Also, because of their spooky appearance, these balls can be used for Halloween decorations or as a part of your attire.

All in all, these balls come on the top of my list because of its unique appearance and decent built.


  • Great appearance.
  • Comes in 3 amazing spooky variants.
  • There no visible seams on the surface.
  • Great for Halloween-decor, attires and theme parties.
  • Decent build quality make these balls useful to play ping pong.


  • Visible fading in a few days.
  • Costly compared to other beer pong balls.

#3. Sportly 144 Pieces Beer Pong Balls

Sportly 144 Beer Pong Balls

These beer pong balls from Sportly do not have much variety of colours like Tadick and similar brands. Though it surely has more contrasting and highlighting colours on its balls.

Sportly balls are made from celluloid. They are not bad in quality but they do have visible seams on the surface, which makes them useless for ping pong. Also, on the positive side, the celluloid material makes these balls endure a light squashing force.

Besides not being good for ping pong, these balls are surely great for beer pong due to its attractive and contrasting colours. So if you want something just to play beer pong with and do not want much extra, these balls are just for you.


  • Good at what it is meant for – beer pong.
  • Colours are just great.
  • Tough because of the celluloid material.
  • These balls come in a pack of 144 at a reasonable price, a steal deal for sure!


  • Cannot be used as a ping pong ball. Though it is great for all the party pong games.
  • Build quality is just alright. Nothing exceptional.

#4. Tadick Multiple Colours Beer Pong Balls

TADICK Beer Pong Balls Plastic Multiple Color (100)

Tadick Beer Pong Balls are separately designed for the game of balls. Which means that they have a little less bounce compared to the ping pong balls. This less bounce is ideal for beer pong.

However, the same bounce makes these balls not good enough to play ping pong. Though you can get the ping pong ball variant from Amazon easily.

The biggest highlight of the product is the gorgeous colours. These beer pong balls come in 9 beautiful colours. Besides being standard 40mm in size, they are not useful for real ping pong games.

These balls come in a pack of 100. A perfect package for a party and other decorations purposes. Also, the price of Tadick beer pong balls is cheap!


  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Comes in 9 amazing colours.
  • These balls are made for beer pong and can be additionally used for various occasions like Halloween, or a normal adult party.


  • Not useful for ping pong.
  • The balls have less bounce compared to the ping pong balls.

#5. Franklin Sports 1 Star Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Balls

Franklin Sports 1 Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls

What can be more amazing than a competitive beer pong game? A beer pong game played in the absolute darkness!

If you are still wondering how you can play beer pong in the dark, take a look at these Franklin 1 Star Glow in the Dark Beer Pong balls.

These are ITTF approved 1 Star ping pong balls. They have an average amount of control and bounce, not bad at all. Thus they can be used both for a game of ping pong and beer pong.

The glow of these balls is not bad and can be seen in the darkness easily. Though make sure to light up the cups too! The drawback of this product is that it has to be charged under a light for sometime in order to let them glow. But the glow does not last longer than a few minutes too. Make sure to charge up a series of these balls and interchange them every once in a while.

Another variant, named Tie Dye, is a fun product from the brand. It comes with a fun multi-color pattern on the surface. You can give it a try too.

All in all, in my opinion, these balls are not that of a great product and you should not expect much from it too. However, it is surely worth a shot!


  • These balls glow in the dark.
  • The glow in the dark balls come only in a single white color option.
  • The glow does not last for long.
  • Being 1-star beer pong balls, they can surely be used for ping pong. Also, you can try playing some glow in the dark ping pong!


  • The only promising thing about this product is the glow in the dark feature.
  • There have been complaints from the customers about the ball not glowing at all. Make sure you charge the ball enough before using.
  • Have to charge them frequently.

#6. GOGO 600 Pieces Colorful Beer Pong Balls

GOGO 600 Pieces Colorful Ping Pong Balls GOGO 600 Pieces Colorful Ping Pong Balls

If you are looking forward to a themed party with a lot of ping pong balls, do not worry about where to get the balls from! Here, GOGO comes up with 600 balls delivered right at your doorstep and that too at a nominal price.

Basically, being beer pong balls, these balls come in a variety of colors. In fact, there are 5 variants, 2 multicolor variants, and 3 single color variants.

These balls are great for decorations too. Coming in a lot of color options, you can even opt for a single color if you are thinking about something crafty or themed. The single color options are neon yellow, neon green, and neon pink. Rather than that there are assorted colors.

There is no logo on the surface of these balls. It allows you to modify it or write on its surface in case your science project or fun games need to.

The best thing about these balls is the bulk quantity. With such a whopping quantity, you will surely be able to organize big fun games easily and never be out of ping pong balls too.


  • Great quantity.
  • Perfect for parties, fun games, and decorations.
  • Available in both single and assorted color options.
  • Can be customized as per your need because of the plain surface.
  • Value for money.


  • Cannot be used as a ping pong ball.
  • Not that tough.

The EndNote

So this was our top beer pong balls review. Beer pong is not just a game, it’s a religion! And at PingPong.Guide, we truly understand that which is why we have given you a review of the best beer pong balls in the market.

If you have any query or confusion regarding the products, let us know by commenting below. We’ll get back to you in no time.