Best Foosball Table Reviews – Indoor, Outdoor, and Mini Soccer Tables

Remember Joey and Chandler (of f.r.i.e.n.d.s) settling their bets on that auspicious Foosball table of theirs? The game of Foosball has been outstandingly popular in the USA for decades. It is one of the most popular tabletop games in the United States. And what’s more surprising is its crazy popularity among adults compared to teenagers.

The Foosball enthusiasts consider Foosball as more of a sport than a recreational tabletop game. However, the reality is contradictory as most of the Foosball games are enjoyed in clubs and game zones.

A Foosball Table is a great investment in terms of both fun and money. This game is evergreen and will never bore you!

So if you are willing to buy a Soccer Table, you’re at the perfect place. As our experts on game tables have done all the homework for you in order to bring you the best Soccer Tables in the market.

Our Top Rated Foosball Tables

Budget Pick

EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports Preston Soccer Table: This table comes at almost half the price of our top pick. It’s a standard size game table. It has a smooth brushing and soft handles that allow decent gaming experience. Apart from the decent performance, the dark version of the table comes with stunning looks. There is a scorer as well. The only problem with this foosball table is that the players are not counterbalanced. However, at this price point, it is the best you can get.

Best Foosball Table

T&R sports Soccer Foosball Table

T&R sports Soccer Table: T&R Foosball promises great quality at an affordable price. Besides being affordable, the table offers a lot of extra features such as cup holders for your coffee or beer and an abacus scorer as well. Due to the gorgeous wood finish with the chrome coating all over, the table looks totally premium. Along with great looks, this game table offers excellent gameplay due to precise, swift-moving, and spinning rods. A steal deal!

Premium Foosball Table

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado Tournament 3000: Tornado is a renowned brand for its quality foosball equipment. It is a professional quality table with a lot of promising features. This soccer table has patented foosball players that will allow you to have superior control over the ball. The table looks stunning due to eye candy colors and beautiful graphics. The only problem with this game table is its huge weight. Apart from that, with 1-year Tornado warranty,  you can be assured of a premium experience with this game table.

Best Outdoor Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor & Outdoor Table: Garlando offers one of the most premium foosball tables on the market due to its amazing weatherproof marine plywood and waterproof adhesive technology. This table is made to last in the harsh weathers without a single issue. It has telescopic rods so that someone standing close to the table, perhaps a child, does not get hurt due to a fast-moving rod. The table does not look like a cool piece of wood, but it surely functions like one. And yes, you get a 2-year warranty for assurance.

About Foosball

So the history of Foosball heads back to late 1800s. A lot of patents related to the game can be found in this era. However, the first ever foosball table as we know it was invented by Harold S. Thornton, an Englishman who invented the game in the United Kingdom in 1921.

While watching the game of football, Harold thought it would be cool to be able to play the game while being at home, without using your feet! So eventually, he got the idea of making himself a foosball table by putting some box of matches against another few. And that is how the game of foosball was invented which got its patent in the year of 1923.

As Harold’s uncle saw this idea of his nephew, he thought it would be pretty popular among the children that cannot play the actual soccer. So he took the game to the United States and patented in 1927.

Sooner the game got pretty popular among the kids. And currently, one can find more grown-ups enjoying the game rather than kids.

There’s an interesting story about the name of the game as well. There is nothing like Foosball in the English language. It is a word borrowed from the Germans. The Germans call the game of football as Fussball, which is pronounced the same as foosball. There is not much data about how it got borrowed and though it is also known as Table Soccer in a lot of regions, Americans like to call it Foosball.

Later in the year of 2002, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) was established that regulates the professional Foosball matches across the regions. The game enthusiasts consider it as a sport rather than a game. There have been attempts to take this game to the Olympics. However, nothing seems to have worked yet.

How We Reviewed the Products

At, we want the best for our readers. And therefore we put a lot of effort and time in the research before writing a review. Our team of Game Table experts research the whole market for the available products and thoroughly research them using a number of aspects that have already been set. Afterward, the experts put their words for individual Foosball Tables according to their experience and the functionality of the game table.

We have segregated each product review based on a few aspects for better understanding and comparability for our readers. These aspects include the build of the table that includes the material that has been used for the table, the rod material, and any other material if there is an extra feature to the product. The build also includes the size and weight of the product and how the legs are made, whether they come with a rubber padding or not.

Moving further, we look at the functionality of the Foosball Table such as is the table built for indoors or outdoors and does it work in such environment efficiently. How deep and well-designed the soccer ground is; the size and shape of the players; do the knobs move swiftly, smoothly or not. How is the slid, spin, power, and control of the knobs? Also, if the table allows adjusting the leg height or not as it can be crucial in case of an uneven surface.

As we make sure that we check the functionality correctly, we move on to the looks and see if how eye-pleasing the product is. We look at the graphics, polish, and finish of the overall table. Along with that, the internal components are also checked for the quality looks.

The next in our checklist is the extra features of the table such as cup holders which can be essential while playing in a bar or a club. The scoring system so that you can enjoy the game while sipping a glass of booze and still keep a track of the score. Once we check out all such features, we head to the reliability assurance.

Game tables approved by the ITSF and USTSF certify that the product is reliable. Along with that making sure that you get a good warranty period for your investment and brand recognition is taken into account.

And lastly, we make our judgment if the Foosball table is worthy or not and whether one should invest in it. Our verdict will be based on the fact that you get a product that is worth every single penny that you spend.

So that is our process. This procedure ensures to take every aspect of the Soccer Table into account and make sure you only invest in a quality product.

Hope you enjoy the following reviews!

Best Foosball Table Reviews

Here are the in-depth reviews for some of the finest Foosball game tables on the market. Our reviews are unbiased and filled with all the essential details about the product. Also, the products are not ranked according to their order of appearance in the review.

#1. T&R sports Soccer Foosball Table

T&R sports Soccer Foosball Table

T&R Foosball table is made with graining decoration MDF along with chromium steel rods(15mm). Table dimensions are 55″ x 30.7″ x 34.6″ and it weighs about 144 pounds. They have upgraded the rod bearing since the last model. Now you get a sturdy metal bearing that will hold up to constant play on the table. Unfortunately, this soccer table does not feature a leg padding.

The table is made for indoor use. There are leg levelers at the bottom of all the legs to adjust accordingly with the surface. This soccer table also features an automatic ball return system which is wide and styled with chrome. Often there is a problem of rods slipping off the player’s hands due to excessive sweat. To prevent this, T&R Soccer Table comes with a grained handle that is easy to grip and does not slip. Due to the big metal bearing, table rods easily slide on the table.

Looks of the table are decent. Great thing is that all the metal parts are chromium coated, which gives it a premium look. Along with that, there is a black/oak finish on the table. The players are painted in white and yellow t-shirts. The color of the table gives it a traditional wooden look, which we absolutely loved. Overall, this piece of wood will look absolutely stunning in your house.

There are 4 cup holders, 2 on each of the sides of the foosball table. So if you love to sip a beer while having a game, you can do that too! To keep the track of the score, there is a plastic scorer on both the player sides. Also, it comes with free soccer balls.

This T&R foosball table has received amazing feedback from its existing customers. The high-quality materials used in this table assure to last for years.

The product is priced just in the middle. It allows you to buy a quality football table without going too high-end with the price. This table can is perfect for anyone who is looking for some recreational fun.

  • Table is build with quality materials.
  • Chromium finish makes the product look premium.
  • Better and durable bearing increases longevity.
  • Finishing seems nice.
  • There are 4 cup holders.
  • Brownish color gives the table a traditional vintage look.
  • The feet are height-adjustable.
  • Amazing customer feedback.
  • Knobs are made with a grainy surface for improved grip.
  • Decent price for great quality.
  • No warranty.
  • No rubber on the feet.

#2. Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

So if you are looking for a weatherproof foosball table, here is one from Garlando!

The soccer table is made from Marine plywood. Though marine plywood does not look as good as MDF, this material is more durable, strong and can withstand a lot of moisture as well (hence, the name ‘Marine’ plywood). Along with the marine plywood, all the metal parts are chromium plated. Product dimensions are 56″ length, 43″ width, 35″ height and the weight is about 172 lbs. The legs are thick with 4×4 inches square material which is steel. The legs are coated with chromium but instead, are coated with powder vanish which is washable.

This soccer table is made for both outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to the marine plywood and coated legs, it can easily withstand moisture. It is made with waterproof glue as well so that all the things stay at their place while enduring moisture.

The table is pretty functional. It easily returns your balls through that auto internal return. The rods are equipped with spring-like mechanisms to prevent any damage to the table. The handles are telescopic so that the player on the other side does not get injured. This allows for a rigorous play without worry.

The playfield looks attractive as it is laminated with plastic. However, we did not like the look of the players as they come in simple blue and white colors(the other variant comes in yellow and red colors) and no graphics or faces at all. There are not much graphics on the table surface. Overall, the look of the foosball table is average.

Garlando offers a 2-year warranty on this promising soccer table. Along with that, the table has received a lot of positive feedback from the customers. Overall, the brand has established a convincing reliability. Also, you get 10 table soccer balls free with this unit.

This table is both an outdoor and indoor foosball table. It works great whether you are a professional player or a beginner. It may not seem that attractive, but it functions pretty decently.

  • An outdoor soccer table that functions as advertised.
  • Players are molded on the rod.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Telescopic rods saves you from any injury.
  • Automatic inner ball return.
  • Made with waterproof marine plywood, waterproof glue, and powder coated legs.
  • Free soccer table balls.
  • Comes with an abacus scorer.
  • Does not look that great.
  • No player graphics.
  • No rubber padding on the legs.
  • Pretty costly.

#3. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado is one of the preeminent brands in the soccer table market. It provides with some of the most premium and high-quality soccer tables that professionals prefer. In fact, this is the brand that has redefined the industry standards with its astounding foosball tables.

Table dimensions are  56 L x 30 W x 36 H which are standard and weight is about 355 pounds. This foosball game table weighs almost double than most soccer tables on the market do. So if you are looking for a product that is easily moveable, unfortunately, this may not be the one you are looking for. However, such elephantine weight also screams about the quality materials that have been used to build this product.

The rods are hollow, made from steel, and chromium plated. The legs come with oversized leveling so that you can ensure that the table is leveled parallel to the ground. However, the rubber padding on the leg bottom is missing, which could have been helpful to prevent scratches.

Tornado foosball table works pretty fine when it comes to gameplay. The bearings are amazingly smooth and they slide without any effort. The rods also spin around smoothly. This is an indoor foosball table and it functions the way it should. It returns the ball through an internal ball return system. Tornado has patented its unique players that offer superior control over the ball, which gives a totally unique experience compared to those cheap-end products.

Tornado Soccer Table looks magnificent. There are Tornado brand graphics all around the cabinet. This piece of beauty comes in 3 striking colors which are red, black, and silver. The patented players also look and work great. Overall, it is a fine looking foosball table that will not be a blemish in your house.

Tornado Tournament 3000 comes with a few free goodies as well. You get a total of 3 foosball balls and some replacement parts like spare players and much more. There is a manual abacus scorer at each player end so you can keep track of the time.

Tornado is a renowned brand in the sports equipment. Their soccer tables are just phenomenal. And to back their superior products, Tornado offers a 1-year warranty on this product.

This is a professional quality soccer table. So whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or professional, you’ll surely enjoy playing on this amazing foosball table. The only barrier here is the humongous price tag on the product. However, if you really want to make a great investment, this is the one you should go for!

  • Comes with spare maintenance parts.
  • It’s a professional quality product with a lot of promising features.
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Unique patented players that allow improved control over the ball.
  • Legs are height-adjustable.
  • Free foosball balls.
  • Looks pretty with attractive colours and Tornado graphics.
  • Enormous price tag.
  • Gargantuan weight makes it tough to move the table.
  • No rubber padding on the feet.

#4. Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Warrior has been in the Foosball equipment business for a while and has been trusted by thousands of customer. Just like their brand name, their products stand out in the crowd.

The table is made from high-quality MDF along with hollow steel rods that come with a unique guard protection system to save the players from injury during the game. Thick legs come with both leg levelers and rubber bottoms. These rubber bottoms save the floor, especially if wooden, from scratches. The table soccer game dimensions are 56″x30″x36″ and it weighs about 200 lbs when fully assembled.

The leg leveler is helpful to keep the table in level in case of crooked or damaged surface. The rods are made to move swiftly and allow a total spin of the players, which are counterbalanced. There is an internal auto ball return system that quickly returns your ball from the compartment below. The grip on the rods is fine but not superior.

Moving to the looks of the product, this is one of the most magnificent things that we love about Warrior foosball tables. The dark finish on the table surface looks total eye-candy. Moreover, the playfield matches in contrast with the dark color of the product. Though we are not a big fan of simple players, the color contrast makes up for it.

There is an abacus scoring system on each end to keep track of the score. The table comes with some replacement parts as well so that you don’t have to waste extra bucks if something breaks. Also, the product comes with 2 free soccer table balls.

Warrior is a great brand that provides standard foosball equipment. This table has been recognized by ITSF and USTSF, which makes it one of a kind and sets it apart from the competitors. Also, for customer assurance, you get a limited 1-year warranty from the brand while purchasing this product.

Being recognized by both ITSF andd USTSF, this table is perfect for professional games. Along with that, the justified price tag allows the home users to play on a professional level foosball table.

  • Adjustable leg-height and rubber bottom.
  • Comes with replacement parts and a 1-year warranty.
  • Looks decent with a dark finish.
  • Rod guards to save you from accidental injury.
  • Auto center ball return.
  • Counterbalanced players make it easy to spin and slide with great control.
  • Recognized by USTSF and ITSF.
  • Complaints about the table surface not being totally even and asssembly problems.

#5. Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Dimensions of the table are 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches along with the weight of 162 lbs. The steel rods are hollow with 5/8-inch size. The steel rods are chrome-plated 3 times with wooden handles with 8-sides. The legs are sturdy with height adjustable bottom to adjust in case of a crooked surface.

Playing surface is 0.375 inch, while the sides are 1-inch thick. The 8-sided handle allows for greater control over the ball. There are nylon bearings on the rods that allow smooth playing and swift movements. The players are counterbalanced which improves the spin a thousand times. The auto ball-return system quickly delivers you with the soccer table ball as soon as a goal has been made.

The table looks decent as it has been topped with a 1-inch finish of Moroccan layer. The Foosball table comes in 3 colors, of which the Wild Cherry is our favorite. However, we did not like the other tables much because of a lack of graphics and elegance. The players come in single yellow and black color which is just fine.

This foosball table is equipped with 4 cup holders to keep all the players hydrated. Also, there is an abacus scorer to keep the track of the game.

Carrom products are made in the USA which supports the US community. Their product service is pretty reliable. In case of a problem, they will make sure to guide you through.

Overall, this carrom foosball table is a great deal. However, we think that at is overpriced. A couple of hundred bucks less then it would have been fine.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Players with cross-hatch toe control the ball amazingly.
  • The leg levelers allow you to set the table in level.
  • The smooth bearings let you spin the rod effortlessly.
  • The players are counterbalanced.
  • Comes with cup holders and scorer.
  • Topped with a 1-inch finish of Moroccan layer.
  • Ambiguous user manual.
  • Does not look that elegant.
  • Pricey.

#6. Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

Here is another product in our list of premium products. However, this is not one of those regular indoor foosball tables. This one is made for the outdoors. It is made to endure rain, dirt, and moisture. Perhaps I stretched it a little too far. However, this is an ultimate outdoor soccer table and let’s see why.

This weatherproof outdoor table is made using composite materials that are weatherproof. The table dimensions are 56″ L x 30″ W x 36″ H along with the weight of 225 lbs. The weight is huge here, however, any outdoor table would weigh more than an indoor as they have to go for the extra-tough materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The cabinet of the playfield is 12″ deep and has 1.5″ inches of thick outer border. Moreover, the legs of the table are tough and broad. These 5″ wide legs provide superior stability in outdoor terrain.

The rods are made of aluminum here to add to the water-resistance. The players are counterbalanced, which means that you can easily plan your shots and position rods accordingly. There are 6″ levelers at the bottom of each leg that allows balancing the table while being on an uneven ground. The rod handles are made from ABS and come with an 8-sided shape. Both of these are pretty useful to control the rods easily.

The table is coated with a UV resistant PU coating which saves the table from the harsh rays of the sun. The finish on the table is marvelous. To be honest, it is actually the color combination that adds to the attractiveness of the table. Also, the b&w players tend to go along with the blue colored playfield. All in all, for an outdoor foosball table, this is a pretty decent looking product.

There is an abacus scorer with numbers written on them so that you can put all your efforts in the game only. Also, you get a few balls and cover free along with the purchase of the table. It is essential to invest in a cover if you are going to keep the table in the outdoors only.

The price of the product is competitive. So anyone who is looking for a product that can last the harsh outdoor conditions can securely invest in this product without any worry.

  • Extremely tough outdoor foosball table.
  • Can withstand harsh rays of the sun due to UV coating.
  • Strong legs and thick borders.
  • The 12″ deep playfield functions well and does not let the ball to get out of the table.
  • Players are counterbalanced.
  • Abacus scorer with engraved numbers.
  • Comes with free cover and 4 balls.
  • The color combination of the table is pretty decent.
  • Rods with anti-rust treatment and 8-sided ABS handles.
  • Competitive price.
  • The product weight is bulky.
  • Lacks detailed work on some minor parts.
  • No cup holders.

#7. Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Kettler is one of the industry leaders in game table manufacturing. Their products are sturdy, reliable, and high-end. Buying something from a reliable brand ensures that your investment is more secure. Let us see how this Soccer game table performs in our review.

The table dimensions are 58″ L x 46″ W x 35″ H along with the unassembled weight of about 140 pounds. The great thing about this table is that it is made from weatherproof materials and still manages to keep the weight this low and that is exactly what we were talking about the Kettler brand and their quality products. The rods are made from steel with chromium plating that makes them weatherproof. The rods are telescopic so that the other player does not get hurt.

The players are unbreakable and this is a great upside of the product as players of most of the cheap-end products break easily and make you reorder replacements again and again. The playfield is made from glass top and functions pretty well by allowing the ball to roam and bounce easily on the table. The nylon bushing allows you to use keep the game going swiftly and easily. Also, there is an integrated ball dropping that drops the ball right into the midfield.

We loved the glass playfield of the table which also makes watching the ball convenient. The players have a face which some of the products on the market lack. The color combinations of blue and grey is great, moreover, the Kettler branding gives the table a premium look.

The abacus scorers are color-coordinated so that spectators can know who is winning. There is the standard integrated ball return box ass well. Furthermore, the essential thing for any outdoor foosball table, the cover, comes free with the table.

  • Telescopic rods keeps the other players from getting injured due to lack of focus.
  • Nylon bushing ensure swift playing
  • Weighs quite low compared to other outdoor products on the market.
  • Chromium plated.
  • Unbreakable players assure you about your investment and let you make tough shots without a worry.
  • Glass top looks gorgeous.
  • Integrated ball dropping system.
  • Comes with a free cover/protector.
  • Corners are sloped so you don’t have to reset the ball again.
  • Built-in 6″ leg levelers.
  • Comes with an automatic ball return system.
  • Priced competitively.
  • Works great outdoors.
  • No cup holders.
  • No rubber padding on the legs.
  • Skinny handles.
  • The cover does not fit the table completely.

#8. Sport Squad FX40 Compact Mini Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 Compact Mini Foosball Table

Anyone who is not willing to spend hundreds of dollars after a game table, here is something you can buy for yourself or your kids and still be able to enjoy the phenomenal fun of playing on a foosball table.

This one is a mini foosball table with dimensions 40”L x 20”W x 8”H. This makes it effortless for you to set this product on any regular table and store it accordingly. Also, did we mention that the table weighs about 15 lbs only, giving a portability advantage to the table! The handles are made from hollow stainless steel with a rubber handle at one of the ends.

The stainless steel rods are just fine but the handles could have been a little softer for easy grip. The players are made from plastic and we doubt their durability. The table legs are equipped with rubber bottoms to prevent scratches, the quality of the legs is poor though. The balls return easily though there is no automatic ball return system.

We loved the graphics and other color-coordination on the table. However, there were a few problems in the finishing of the product. For example, the paint on the sides was peeled off.

This soccer table comes with free soccer balls and a wrench. There is a compact scorer on the ends of the table.

This foosball table is fine for children. It can be used for recreational use for adults. The table functions pretty fine, however, we are not sure about its longevity.

Looking at the super-cheap price, this product is great for anyone who wants a foosball table without investing much money. However, there are some longevity and durability issues for sure. So make a wise choice by making sure if you can take care of the product.

  • Compact, portable, and lightweight.
  • Great as a starter kit for kids.
  • At this price, it is a steal deal.
  • Great graphics and color-combination.
  • The handle could have been more softer.
  • The finish is not that great with some paint peeled off on the sides.
  • There can be longevity issues.
  • Not great for rigorous gameplay.

#9. Hathaway Primo Foosball Table

Hathaway Primo Foosball Table

This is a 56.5-in L x 29-in W x 34-in H, 135-pound foosball table made with medium density fiberboard. The rods are solid steels with fine bearings. However, there is no rod guarding system associated. The legs come with 5-inch levelers that are chrome-finished. Moreover, these levelers are equipped with rubber bottoms that prevent any ground surface from getting scratched.

Here, the ball returns towards the player instead of getting delivered on the other side, which makes it more convenient to get the ball and continue the game quickly. It is chrome plated as well. The solid steel rods come with the E-Z spin that allows playing any tricky shot swiftly. Also, the handles are made from wood that gives a fine grip in hands. This table lacks a rod guarding system though.

The players are said to look vintage with brown and silver colors. They also come with a premium glossy finish. However, we did not like the color-combination of neither the players nor the table. There are no graphics on the table. However, the soccer ball looks pretty fine. The tabletop comes with a glass finish. Overall, we’d say it’s an average looking product.

There are cup holders on the sides of the table which are convenient to hold your coffee or beer. Though it won’t feet large-sized bottles. If you are planning to buy this soccer game table for a bar or club, the cup holders can be a useful feature. They have redesigned the scorer with a sliver abacus-style analog system.

The only issue related to the product is quality control. Some of the mounts were supported using small nails. Moreover, the finishing of the product is not top-notch as well.

You get a 180-day warranty with this product. The product has been made with decent wood-styling as well. Overall, this product will not cause longevity issues. Also, the price is convenient which makes this foosball table great for almost everyone.

  • 5″ leg levelers are equipped with rubber bottoms.
  • Comes with 180-day replacement or money back warranty.
  • Comes with 4 cup holders.
  • Automatic ball delivery system delivers the ball to the player rather than on the side.
  • Equipped with a decent looking scorer system.
  • E-Z spin rods spin smoothly and allow you to play tricky shots.
  • Glass-finish on the tabletop looks decent.
  • It seems like a durable product.
  • Perfect for anyone with a tight budget.
  • Comes with an automatic ball drop.
  • Does not look that elegant.
  • No graphics.
  • No rod guarding system.
  • The finishing of the foosball table is not great.

#10. EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table

This Eastpoint Foosball Table is made from MDF and has dimensions 54″ L x 29.5″ W x 34.5″ which are pretty standard. The rods are made from steel and are hollow. There are leg levelers at the bottom as well.

The rods spin smoothly due to the bushings. They move swiftly and do not get stuck. However, there is a problem which is that the players are not counterbalanced. Not being counterbalanced causes the rod to go back to a neutral place without intent.

The tabletop is fine for the ball to bounce and move. The leg levelers allow to adjust the table according to the ground surface and achieve a flat surface. The internal ball return seems to work fine, so does the steel rod.

This foosball table looks almost professional. Though there is a lack of graphics and colors in the light version. On the contrary, we totally loved the dark version. If you like things that look simple, this may be the one for you. The playfield looks gorgeous due to the tabletop finish. The players look alright with a visible screw peeping out.

The abacus-style scorer comes with beads to keep track of the score. Also, this Eastpoint foosball table comes with 2 balls.

The best thing about this soccer table is that it comes at a pretty budget price that can be afforded by almost everybody. It is almost 40% of most of the medium-range products out there. So if you are looking for a full-size fooosball table at cheap rate, this is the one for you.

  • A standard size soccer table at budget price.
  • Come with an automatic ball return system.
  • The dark version looks pretty decent due to the nice wooden finish.
  • Rods turn swiftly due to the brushing.
  • Smooth handles.
  • Comes with abacus style bead scorer.
  • The players are not counterbalanced.
  • No rubber paddings at the bottom.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are willing to purchase a foosball table right away, you must be having a lot of confusion. But do not worry! As we are going to solve all your confusion in a while. All you need to do is read the specifics that we have provided in the section below.

How to Choose the Best Foosball Table

First of all, foosball tables cost a little fortune, thus, it is essential that you get yourself the best game table that is out there in the market. So how are going to choose the best soccer table for yourself? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Just see the characteristics that we have provided in the below section and we are pretty sure that you will be able to come up with a game table that is just perfect for you.

Indoor or Outdoor

First of all, determine what kind of foosball table do you need? Do you want to keep the table in your garage or living room or do you have a separate game room? Well, if the answer for any of these is yes, you must go for the indoor game table.

And if you have a large yard or lawn and you want to have something that you can keep outdoors and enjoy playful evenings or mornings there, you must go for the outdoor game table.

Full-size or Miniature

Now, answer to whether you need a full-size game table or a miniature depends on 2 characteristics that are budget and space. Foosball tables are comparatively not as big as the ping pong tables. However, they can be as long as 5 feet or even more than that. So if you have enough space to allot, must go for the full-size, it is more fun.

Now, if you do not have much space to allot and want something that is compact and lightweight then go for a miniature or smaller soccer table. Also, these soccer game tables weigh almost about 20 pounds or less which makes them potable.

Lastly, the price varies a lot in the foosball table industry. So if you are willing to save some significant bucks, go for a smaller one.


Foosball tables, surprisingly, weigh a lot. Some of them can weigh more than 200 pounds. And if you are willing to get an outdoor soccer game table, they are going to weigh even more. So if you want something that can be easily moved, make sure you take a look at the weight of the soccer table, else you are going to regret making a bad decision.

Table Material

Soccer tables are mainly made of 2 material – Marine Plywood and MDF. Marine plywood is waterproof and that is why they are used in the making of the outdoor foosball tables, while the MDF is used to make indoor foosball game tables due to its capability of being more attractive.

Apart from the material of the table, you must keep an eye on the material used in making the legs and players. Often, it is seen that players made from cheap materials like the plastic break in a few days and you have to constantly replace them with others. So make sure that the material is fine.

Rod Material

Rods are often made from hollow or solid metals. Usually, you’ll find that the rod is made hollow. This is due to the fact that hollow metal reduces the weight significantly and at the same time allows to control the players more easily.

You may find 2 major types of materials used for the rods in the market, which are steel and aluminum. If you can have a preference, go with the steel one as it will be more useful. Also, steel can either be simple stainless steel or chrome plated and well, of course, the chrome plated one looks more elegant.

Rod Guards

A rod guard is a mechanism to save the opponent from getting injured during the game. This may happen due to a lack of focus on the competitor. What happens is that the other end of the rod is covered within a tubing that will prevent anyone from standing near the table, especially, a child from getting injured because of a fast-moving rod. Most of the Tornado Foosball tables come with this safety feature.

Height Adjustable Feet

Whether you are playing on an outdoor terrain or inside, having a perfectly leveled table is essential for a better gaming experience. People who install their foosball tables in their basement or lawn often be a victim of this problem and that is unleveled surface. Having height adjustable feet will ensure that you can keep the soccer table parallel to the ground without further ado.

Rubber Pads on Feet

If you have wooden flooring in your house, you don’t want it to get messed up because of the scratches that are going to take place while moving the foosball table. A simple solution for this problem is to get the legs equipped with rubber feet. So no more scratching on the ground.

Internal Ball Return

Most of the tables on the market are equipped with automatic internal ball return system that directly sends the ball on a dedicated box on the sides of the table. However, some of the tables are still not equipped with this feature. Moreover, while most of the tables send the ball to the sides where the goal is located, some soccer tables have their dedicated slots towards the player, which is more practical and faster.

Recognized by ITSF and USTSF

ITSF(International Table Soccer Federation) and USTSF(United States Table Soccer Federation) are recognized organizations that manage the foosball or table soccer games globally and for the United States in the order of appearance. Being recognized by them means that the table comes with all the necessary specifications of a standard foosball table.

Extra Features

Foosball tables can have a variety of extra features such as drink holders to hold your drink while gaming. Or a scoring system that keeps the track of your score because you would be, obviously, wasted! If you are purchasing an outdoor soccer table, make sure that it comes with a cover to hide while being open to the weather. Also, if you can get some free balls and replacement accessories free with the table, it would be a bonus!

The EndNote

Foosball is one of the most fun tabletop game. Investing in one will make sure that you have this little table full of entertainment in your house for years! So don’t be hesitant and order one now! Make sure to follow our guidelines to get the best foosball table that is out there in the market.

If you’re still a little hesitant, let us know your query; we’ll solve all the query that’s been bothering you. And if not, what are you waiting for? Go get a soccer table, fella!