Top 6 Ping Pong Ball Games – Fun Games to Get the Party Started!

Ping Pong Balls are a great prop. They can be used for ping pong, beer pong, and other heterogeneous fun games. In this article, I’ll be talking about the Top Ping Pong Ball Games that you can play to get the party started.

Ping Pong Balls are everyone’s favorite, whether it be kids or adults and are frequently used as props during carnivals and festivals. Their small size, convenient price, and amazingly fun are the aspects that make them so popular.

I have listed out some pretty fun ping pong ball games that everyone in the party will enjoy regardless of gender or age.


Best Ping Pong Ball Games

These are the best party games that you can enjoy using some ping pong balls and other simple household things.

#1. Beer Pong

Best Ping Pong Ball Games

Let us start off with one of the most popular ping pong ball games ever. Beer pong has been around us for decades. We’ve been enjoying this game for more than 2 generations.

The best thing about beer pong is minimal equipment and of course, drinking fun. It is a game for party animals. And if you master this one, there is no one that can stop you from being the campus star.

In the beer pong, there can be two individuals or teams facing each other. There are 6 or 10 beer cups arranged in a triangular shape on the table near each of the contestants. All the cups are filled with beer from 1/4th to half of the cup height.

The goal is to try to land the ping pong ball in the opponent’s cup from being at the other side of the table. If the ball land lands in the cup, the rival has to drink all the beer inside and remove that cup from the table.

The first one to empty out all the cups of opponent wins!

#2. Pool Pong

Pool Pong

As the pool parties are getting more and more popular, someone had to find a solution to play beer pong in the pool, right? And which is exactly why pool pong was invented.

There multiple Pool Pong tables available both in the local and online market at a convenient price. These tables float on the table and some of them can also store your bottles of booze. The tables come with inbuilt spaces to place the cups too.

#3. Basketpong

Basketpong ping pong ball gameBasketpong is yet another version of beer pong, except for the fact that it is played with cups positions high on a stand at distinct heights.

The stand comes with an adjustable height feature. The number of cups can be increased or decreased too.

If you want to play Basketpong, you can easily purchase the game from Amazon.

#4. Ponginator

Ponginator is yet another minute to win it type of game that is played using ping pong balls and egg crate.

Both the competitors have to stand against a wall and try to land the balls in their respective egg crate. They are given a minute to do the same. Whoever, gets more ping pong balls in their crate wins!

#5. Ping Pong Ball Shooter

ping pong shooter blaster

Everyone loves to shoot balls. Here, in order to play this game, first, you will have to build your own ping pong ball blaster or shooter!

What you will need:

  • Hard Plastic Cups (Preferably with a narrow bottom)
  • A few large balloons
  • Ping pong balls

How to Make the Blaster:

  • First, you will have to cut down the narrow bottom of the plastic container. The diameter of the cut should be an inch bigger than the diameter of the ping pong ball.
  • Once you cut it out, the edges will probably still be sharp.
    You can smooth out the surface by running a hot metal on the edge. (Only attempt this under the supervision of an adult).
    You can also just wrap some duck tape on this surface.
  • Now fix the balloon’s mouth on the top edge of the container. And if the mouth is not that stretchable, cut the balloon in half and tie the mouth.

Now that you have finished making the blaster, you can enjoy various shooting games. If you have a dart board in handy, you can aim for the bullseye.

Else you can pile up the beer cups and try to break them with these ping pong ball blasters. Pretty cool, right?

#6. Ping Pong Tic Tac Toe

Ping Pong Tic Tac Toe

Take 3 tables, arrange them in sequence with a definite space between each. Each of the contestants will stand near the tables at the ends.

Arrange 9 glasses filled with water in a 3×3 grid on the middle table. Each of the players will be given balls of a distinct color unique to each other. The players have to bounce the balls on the table near to them and try to drop the balls in the glasses in the middle. Eventually, there will be a tic tac toe kind of pattern, the player to finish the pattern first will be declared a winner.

The EndNote

So there you go, party animals! These were some of my favorite party games of all time. Ping Pong balls are a great prop to create many new interesting and fun games. On top of that, these balls are super convenient too. You don’t have to worry if you lose 1, 2, or 20!

Do you know of any similar game that can be played using ping pong balls? If you do, let us know by commenting below. We will feature them in our next article for sure.


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