How to Win Beer Pong? – Tips, Techniques, and Tricks to Become a Pro!

Beer Pong is a wide-spread adult party game. But for a lot of people out there, it is not just a campus game, it is a sport! There are beer pong championships played between different colleges and fraternities too.

So if you’re a student too, it is pretty important to be good at beer pong in order to gain some popularity on your campus. Because you don’t want to be a wallflower, do you?

So here are our some sure-shot techniques and tips that will help you become the party starter.

How to Win Beer Pong?

how to win beer pong

Standardly, Beer Pong is played on a six to seven feet long table with a width of two feet. The size of the cups is about 16 to 18 ounce. All the cups are filled minimum to the 1/4th of their capacity. You can choose to pour more beer if both the team agrees.

The cups are put in a triangular formation, 4 cups being close you and decreasing the number of cups by one in each sequence so there’s a single cup at the other end.

The aim is to remove all of the opponent’s cups one by one via dropping the ping pong ball inside of them. Also, the opponent has to drink and empty the cup if a ball drops inside.

Here are some of our self-tested techniques that will help you master the game.

Wet the Ball

A dry ball does not glide through the table. Wetting the ball every time before making a shot allows the ball to sharply cut through the air and increases your accuracy.

Adjust Your Stance

Proper stance is pretty important while throwing a ball. There are heterogeneous stances that people perform while playing beer pong. However, the effective, in my opinion, is putting the same side of the leg that you throw the ball with, in the forward position while supporting with the toe of the other leg in the back.

Also, try to work with your elbow and wrist only. Involving your shoulder during the movement may sabotage your aim.

How Do You Want to Shoot?

There are various types of shot that you can try while aiming for the cup. Try each one of these and you’ll get to know which one is your forte.

  • Fastball Shot
    A fastball shot is aimed directly at the cup and goes in the straight line from your hand to the cup. Being shot directly to the ball, such shot goes swiftly to the cup and hence the name, Fastball Shot.
  • Arc Shot
    And arc shot is not shooted directly to the cup. Instead, the thrower glides the ball in the air slowly and tries to land the ball into the cup by making an arc in the air.
  • Bounce Shot
    Bounce shots are unlikely to be seen during the initial phase of the game due to the fact that your opponent can get rid of them in mid-air. However, they can be seen in the later stages when both the players or teams is pretty drunk.

    • Middle Bounce – Ball is bounced in the middle of the table.
    • Far Bounce – Bouncing the ball pretty close to you and thus far from the cup.
    • Close Bounce – When the ball is bounced closer to the cup than yourself, it is known as the close bounce.

Find Your Very Own Technique

If you think you’re not good at this, you may be right! But often this is not true as everyone has their own technique. Let us show you an example of some of the commonly practiced gripping methods of beer pong players.

  • The Middle Finger and Thumb Technique – This is a classic 2-finger technique, mastered by some of the best beer pong players in the world. This grip allows you to have some arc on the ball. Also, you can use your index finger and thumb to hold the ball too.
  • The 3 Finger Grip – This is one of the most popular types of grip that allows some backspin on the ball. The ball is held with your first 2 fingers and thumb.
  • Underhand & Overhand Grip – These are not so common technique where the player uses all the fingers of his hand and mostly makes a wrist flick to drop the ball into the cup.

Practice a Lot

It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Know what type of shots you are comfortable with and practice them a lot. You do not even need much setup to play beer pong. This game can be practiced anywhere with pretty much anything.

That being said, make sure you participate in all the competitions that are around. Else you will never get to know how a real competition and the intensity feels like.

Aim for the Back of the Cup

When you aim, make sure that you are aiming for the back of the cup. Aiming for the middle often results in ball dropping on the rim which eventually flickers the ball out of the table.

Get the Edge Off!

A little bit of booze an hour before the game can help you stay focused and in the right mindset. Though make sure not to go overboard and drink a little too much to control the ball.

Get Inside Your Rival’s Head

A little bit of psychological impact on the opponent is also good. If you succeed in breaking your opponent’s moral down or distract him, it will surely be beneficial.

Blow Away Any Sneaky Shot

By the rules, you can always flicker away an opponent’s bounced shot.

Girls can blow away the ball right when it is on the rim of the cup while guys can use a single finger to do the same.

A Rebuttal

The losing team, in any match, has the right to call for a rebuttal. During a rebuttal, the loser will get the chance to throw balls continuously in the opponent’s cup. If the opponent succeeds in removing each one of the cups simultaneously, they win the game.

Keep an Eye on the Death Cup

After a lot of shots, many players lose track of the table and cups. If a player forgets to drink from a cup and you can land the ball again in the same cup, you win!

The EndNote

So there you go, fella. These were some of my tips and guide about how to win a beer pong game. If you’ve got any other trick in your hat, let us know. We’ll feature that on our website.

Meanwhile, keep practicing those shots and of course, partying.


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