How to Practice Ping Pong Alone? Most Effective Methods for Training

Training is the most important key to master any game and Ping Pong is no different. But how are you going to practice alone if your buddy ain’t there for you? Worry no further, here we are with our ultimate solutions about How to Practice Ping Pong Alone.

I have come up with the below methods keeping in mind that all type of players, whether it be beginners, intermediates or experts, are going to need help regarding practicing ping pong alone. So I have arranged the whole article gradually for a beginner to an expert. If you are a somewhat fine player already, you can skip the initial steps.

How to Practice Ping Pong Alone?

How to Practice Ping Pong Alone?

Now let us check out the Various Effective Methods to Practice Ping Pong Alone.

#1. The Bounce

In order to begin your journey of being a big Ping Pong star, first you need to understand how to paddle and the ball feels to each other. You need to understand the bounce of the ball and the force of the paddle.

In order to understand that thoroughly, an easy way is to bounce the ball on the paddle. Keep bouncing the ball on the paddle until you cannot. Keep practicing and increasing the count.

Once you feel that you now have enough control over that start flipping the paddle. Flip the paddle after each bounce just like you make pancakes.

And when you master that too, you can try bouncing the ball on the edge of the paddle. Keep mixing thing up by putting the hand beneath your leg or behind your back. This may seem fatuous but it is quite helpful in learning the feel of the ball.

#2. Hitting Against the Wall

Now that you have understood the relationship between the ball and the paddle, it is time to add some other elements in between the process.

You need to hit the ball against the wall using your paddle. Let the ball bounce against the ball then one bounce on the ground and again to the paddle. It will be tough at first but you’ll pick up the rhythm in a while.

Once you pick up the rhythm, start playing forehand and backhand shots. Moving further increase the speed. You can also add any table in between you and the wall and practice the same. Though I would prefer practicing with the floor at first.

#3. Get a Ball Catching Net

If you already are a decent player. Skip the first 2 methods. Let us speed things up. Now is the time to do the real drills. First of all, I’d suggest you buy a ball catching net. You can easily find some on Amazon at a budget price.

Once you purchase a ball catching net, you need to perfect two of the major elements, serve and strike. The ball-catching net saves a lot of your time in gathering up all the balls scattered in the house. You will be able to hit the ball as hard as you want, in any direction you want without any worries.

Practice the serve, mix up the shots with spins, practice forehand, backhand shots, smashes and all the possible shots. And when you’re done collect the balls from the net and start again. It’s that easy!

#4. Ping Pong Robot

Whenever people hear about Ping Pong Robot, they mistake it for some lavish product that only affluent people can afford. Nope, that is not true at all. There are plenty of table tennis robots available in the market at a very budget price. You can easily get yourself one if you have a couple of hundred bucks or less in your pocket.

Ping Pong Robots are a great medium (in fact, trainer) to master your shots and improve your weak zones. These ping pong bots are specially designed to help you tackle serves, topspin, backspin, sidespin and all the other shots you feel difficulty with.

Another great advantage of using a Ping Pong Robot is that you will be able to practice whenever you want. It’s 12 in the night and you feel like playing ping pong, yup your robot buddy is right there for you. Great, right?

Also, many of the Table Tennis Robots come with ball catching net. If yours doesn’t, buy it externally from any website like Amazon. It will save your time in dancing around the room to gather the scattered balls because of course, your ping pong buddy cannot do it, right?!

The EndNote

So that’s it, fella. This was my take on how you can do ping pong solo practice. As the good ol’ saying, practice makes a man perfect (and a woman too, see I’m not a misogynist). Keep practicing whether you are alone or not and become a master.

If you have any other technique of practicing the ping pong alone that I should include here, comment in the section below. I’ll love to hear it.